Prompt Two!

The second prompt for this year’s mystery month is… another choice of three! (In weeks three and four, there will be two options to pick from, with week five’s prompt having already been stated from the outset of the event.)

But enough preamble, here they are: 

  • Object Prompt: A Sportsball (any kind is fine) (as suggested by DarkVoid116)
  • Character Prompt: Dawn (as suggested by Wonder and Ashes)
  • Location/Setting Prompt: A Blackout (as suggested by efffi2117)

REMINDER: First chapters must be posted (or submitted for validation) by 11.59pm site time on Thursday 7th at the absolute latest. The option to join the Mystery Fic-a-Thon will vanish from the story submission page at that time.

Posting of second chapters opens the moment we’ve ticked over into Friday 8th (not before!) and closes on Thursday 14th. 

To be eligible for an award, there must be a brief explanation in the chapter end notes explaining how the prompt was satisfied, with a quote from the chapter to illustrate, if necessary. (This is so mods can easily see who’s playing by the rules. We don’t want to have to kick anyone from the event, but we also sadly don’t have the time to read every single submission to find the relevant parts ourselves.)

For the rest of the event, our homepage Featured Stories will feature a rotation of Mystery Fic-a-Thon submissions. If you’re interested to see how the challenges have been answered thus far, here’s where you can get started!

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on July 05, 2022 01:00pm 10 Comments

Thanks so much for posting these prompts! I'm glad we're gonna keep getting multiple choices. 

I wanted to ask something: has the website time been changed to GMT? Because I remember it being different, like EST maybe, but the shoutbox says GMT now. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance! 

-- MaggieLaFey on July 05, 2022 04:37pm

It is, for the moment. When other site issues started, the shout box switched to GMT.

-- DarkVoid116 on July 05, 2022 05:20pm

Actually technically the shoutbox is on BST - daylight savings in the UK. GMT is the winter standard here. But it's definitely showing my time.

-- GillO on July 06, 2022 06:00am

It reads "Site Time: 7/6 09:29pm (+00:00 GMT)" to me right now, so that's why I used that acronym. :)

Thanks for the reply!

-- MaggieLaFey on July 06, 2022 10:29am

It's GMT, not BST, for me––an hour behind the time currently in the UK. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 06, 2022 01:20pm

So what really is the answer to what the timezone is for the site?  Is it GMT? EST? BST?

-- Tasha on July 06, 2022 02:24pm

At the moment, under the shoutbox it says ... Site Time: 7/7 01:27am (+00:00 GMT)


So, I am assuming this means the site it on GMT time which is 5 hours ahead of eastern.

-- Tasha on July 06, 2022 02:27pm

What a second ... that's not right.  Sorry for the multiple posts.  I am on 928 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The site is only 4 hours ahead of me if the site time is 128 am.

-- Tasha on July 06, 2022 02:28pm

I am sorry for the confusion. 

The site is GMT. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 06, 2022 02:50pm

I will be posting reminders in the shoutbox and Mystery Month Discord channel when posting windows are closing. If in doubt, always go by the time under the shoutbox. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 06, 2022 02:54pm