Author of the Month and Email Snafus

Just a quick post about a couple of technical issues/general glitches that we wanted to make everyone aware of.

1. Toften was named author of the month for Spetember, an honor she definitely deserved due to her amazing writing. However, we realized after the fact that Toften had already had the author of the month title. We failed to realize this earlier due to a series of unfortunate events. Once we realized our error, we puzzled over what to do. While we felt that Toften earned it, the rules state that members can only earn the title once. At this point, we're not ready to open things up to repeat winners since there are so many other deserving authors who haven't had the title. We spoke with Toften, who was gracious and understanding when she learned of our mistake. We decided to just go without an author of the month for the remainder of September because we didn't want to choose a different author who might feel like a second choice, or that they have an asterisk next to their author of the month listing. We apologize to Toften for getting her involved in this mess, and to all our members for the confusion this may have caused. We will strive to prevent it from happening again.

2. We're continuing to have issues with AOL/Yahoo email accounts delivering our emails. We've researched, explored, and experimented with ways to stop these providers from blocking us, but so far we've had no luck. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the things they block from us. Sometimes messages are delivered as normal, sometimes they go to the junk folder, sometimes they don't appear at all. At this point, AOL/Yahoo isn't a reliable way to get notices from EF. We'll continue to try and get them to trust our emails, but if your EF email address is AOL/Yahoo, we recommend that you go to your Edit Bio/Personal Information page and change your email to another provider. Gmail and Outlook/Hotmail don't appear to be having issues delivering our messages, so they are good alternatives.

--The Mods on September 05, 2019 02:53am 3 Comments

I changed my email to my gmail account and haven’t had any more issues. Thank you for the update!

-- Synefred on September 05, 2019 03:20am

Thank you Susan and have a yummy cookie for all the wrangling you've done of late *hugs*


-- pfeifferpack on September 05, 2019 03:43am

thanks for keeping us informed and the effort you've put into the email issue. stuff happens and we can count on y'all to handle it gracefully! 

-- Cryptwarmer on September 05, 2019 11:19am