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My name is Marjorie. I am 30 and I am an avid Spuffy fan, and I have been ever since Spike walked onto the scene in School Hard. Though I did go through a brief Bangel phase, in my defense, Spike hadn't appeared yet. I didn't know any better! 

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Summary: If if you haven’t read my reunion entry, Prince Charming in Black Leather, this story wont make sense! You have to read Prince Charming first!!
occurs season one, after Buffy finds out that Angel has a soul, but before the finale. Buffy’s had a lot to think about since becoming the Slayer, and a blonde man from her childhood, who said he was a vampire, is at the top of the list.
 thank you All4Spike for fixing this story!
Series: Prince Charming
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Published: March 01, 2018 Updated: March 01, 2018
Summary: Buffy Summers is a detective with the Sunnydale PD. For months she has been tracking a world class theif, known only as ‘Spike’. When she meets a dangerous stranger at a charity event where she’d undercover, she’s immediately drawn to him. But as the case unfolds and the evidence threatens their relationship, Buffy must decide whether the stranger she has grown to love is more man— or beast. 
This story is inspired by not only the Challenge prompt, but by the CW show Beauty and the Beast.

Written for the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge, responding to prompt 3. Beautiful banner by Sandy_s!! 

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Dalton, Dawn, Faith Lehane, Giles, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn, Spike
Genres: None
Warnings: Blood Play, Rape (Implied), Torture
Completed: No Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Word count: 14,957 Hit Count: 2,033 ePub Downloads: 37
Published: October 08, 2018 Updated: December 13, 2018

When Buffy was called as Slayer, she grew very confident in her abilities very quickly. So when Lothos came to town and she thought she could dust him as easily as any fledge, Merrick decided she needed a wake up call. Gathering all his materials, he had her study Master vampires, as many as she could. He made her write papers on them, and come up with battle strategies for if she ever came across them. And he made her study the rivalry. The biggest rivalry in vampire history. And Buffy chose sides: Team Spike. 

Thank you to javajunkie247 for the beautiful banner! 

Categories: Season 1, Season 2
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Ensemble, Giles, Oz, Principal Snyder, Spike, The Master, Willow, Xander
Genres: Drama, Dramedy, Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: Attempted Rape
Challenges: Fan girl Buffy.
Completed: Yes Chapters: 20 Table of Contents
Word count: 47,361 Hit Count: 42,712 ePub Downloads: 399
Published: April 17, 2017 Updated: August 08, 2017
Summary: a very short spin on Once More with Feeling...
Categories: Drabbles, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: None
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Word count: 602 Hit Count: 317 ePub Downloads: 8
Published: December 08, 2017 Updated: December 08, 2017
Summary: Buffy was bored, and she couldn’t believe that her mother dragged her to this stupid reunion. But here she was, all by herself. At least there was cheese, and some weirdo in a black leather coat who says he’s a vampire. At least he’s funny! One shot
Series: Prince Charming
Categories: Pre-Series
Characters: Buffy, Joyce, Spike
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 1,743 Hit Count: 1,629 ePub Downloads: 37
Published: October 01, 2017 Updated: October 01, 2017
Summary: Season 6, Buffy is back from the dead, and she's lost. The Scoobies are trying to help her, but nothing helps. So she turns to something that before her death she never would have considered: The Watcher's Diaries. Through the long nights when she shuts herself away, lost in tales of the ones who came before her, Spike sits with her. A silent presence that never asks for her to share, but just is there. If she needs him, he is there. One night everything changes. There was a slayer, hundreds of years ago, who died and came back. After the other slayer's return she disappeared, only telling her Watcher that she needed to find her true purpose, and she was never seen again. When another slayer is appears, the Counsel assumes she has been killed. But Buffy becomes obsessed. What happened to her? Where did she go? How did she finally die? When Buffy takes off to find out, Spike goes with her.
I had originally posted this as a challenge, but the idea had weasled its way into my brain and wouldn't go away, so I decided to give it a shot myself. 
Categories: Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Genres: Challenge Response, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: The Other Slayer
Completed: Yes Chapters: 40 Table of Contents
Word count: 52,785 Hit Count: 41,494 ePub Downloads: 343
Published: January 27, 2017 Updated: March 02, 2017
Summary: “If you asked my sister... It’s like she doesn’t even care that he’s dead. It’s like the world didn’t stop when he died. But it did. And I just wish Spike wasn’t dead anymore. Because then it would all be okay again.”
A different take on “The Gift” leads to a very different season 6...
thank you to javajunkie247 for the beautiful banner!!!
Categories: Season 6
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Published: January 01, 2018 Updated: September 22, 2020

Shaken by the memories that flooded through him when his soul was returned, Angel took off into the night, leaving Buffy and an ever growing portal to a hell dimension behind him. With no other choice, Buffy stabbed Spike, condemning him to an eternity in Hell. The only problem was that as he was sucked in, he pulled Buffy in with him. 
Buffy always expected Hell to be full of fire and brimstone, but now she is trapped in a twilight realm, where the cold bites and the darkness waits. As she and Spike battle their new reality, and each other, the lingering question is, what will they do when the snow finally falls?

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Angst, Challenge Response, Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: Northern Exposure
Completed: Yes Chapters: 31 Table of Contents
Word count: 50,293 Hit Count: 61,928 ePub Downloads: 554
Published: September 12, 2017 Updated: March 04, 2018