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At the end of Becoming Buffy was badly injured, as was Spike. Spike managed to look after Buffy and heal himself, telling Buffy that her friends would be there any minute for her. After three days Spike is healed enough to drive off, but Buffy is still to bad to leave Spike offers to take her home or to the hospital. After Buffy explains about her mom, the police and her friends hating her. She begs Spike to take her away. So he packs her into the Desoto and drive off to LA.

They come back in time for season three, but this is not a push over Buffy, she has Spike at her back and knows by this stage that he will never betray her and will always come for her.

NO easy forgiving of Joyce, Giles or the Scooby's from Buffy. 

Summary: In the aftermath of her battle with Angelus, an injured and emotionally shattered Buffy comes to the realisation that she has nothing left: her mother has disowned her, her friends have abandoned her and Angel, soul newly restored, has left her alone as he flees for the scene of his crime. Spike's unlife is left bereft of purpose now that Drusilla is gone, thrown into Hell by his hated grandsire. The two broken souls realise that all they have are each other and desperately cling to the last, fragile connection as they take their leave from Sunnydale.
Perhaps the two mortal enemies can rebuild that which they have lost...
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