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I've seen this done in only one story, a series that was good but never finished.

What if the Order of Taraka continued to go after Buffy? After all, with his new fun broken back and Dru in charge, is it so hard to imagine that they forget to call off the goons?

What happens next is somewhat up to you, but I would like to see Buffy running away from Sunnydale, alone, trying to track down the origin of the Order, so she can take them all out, once and for all. And, along the way, somehow team up with Spike.

Maybe they are after him, too, because he failed to pay them their fee, or something?

This is optional, but I can't see S2 Buffy just abandoning her life like that, so maybe one of the goons kills someone close to her and she leaves to save her loved ones. Could be Xander, could be Willow, could be Angel; just someone she truly cares for.

Final note; remember what Giles said in the episode, "They'll just keep coming." These won't be easy to defeat, at all. They employ both humans and Demons, so there'll be some morality issues for Buffy as well.

Make it good, make it long, make it believable. No instant fluffy Spike.

Hell, read the one that inspired this challenge to get an idea, but without copying of course :D


(I'm watching What's My Line right now, hence the stream of ideas) xD

Summary: International bounty hunter organizations, even supernatural ones, take their contracts seriously. Even with Spike out of commission, Buffy will soon learn that she should never have relaxed her guard with the hit still out on, "The Slayer".
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