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In "Into the Woods", instead of lingering outside Buffy's house for the night, Spike heads back to the crypt in a fit of hurt and disgust after hearing the couple going at it. Hours later (possibly of him getting wasted in the time being), Spike is startled by a knock on the door of his crypt. Outside is Buffy, dressed in sweats and looking worried. She hands Spike a wad of cash and asks that he tracks Riley's scent for her. She explains that she woke up in the middle of the night to find Riley missing, and that she thinks some baddie might be behind his disappearance--he wouldn't leave her after a romantic night like that, after all. Riley's the nice, reliable guy, right? Spike agrees to help in the hopes it'll score him some brownie points and even refuses the money (maybe he plays it off by saying if something had happened to Dru and he needed help, he'd be beside himself, up to author tho). Buffy is confused about it but ultimately shrugs it off and they set out together to find Captain Cardboard. Just as in canon, they find him at the vamp suckhouse but with Spike being just as surprised about what they find, Buffy isn't angry with him over the incident. With this much more positive jumping-off point, how does their relationship arc change?

Summary: Buffy wakes up alone in bed during "Into The Woods". What happens when she reaches out to the best bloodhound in town for help finding her missing boyfriend?

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Published: August 09, 2021 Updated: June 28, 2023