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Buffy and Spike are roomies and best friends. Spike is a struggling actor. They do everything together and are very close.

One day on a casting call Spike gets the job for a shampoo commercial. He has to stand like he's in the shower for real and praise the shampoo he's using to the camera.

Spike thinks it's utterly crap but he needs the money. Buffy thinks it's completely hilarious and rubs it in numerous times when they see it on tv.

What none of them expected was for the commercial to be a hit!(mostly to the women for Spike having his shirt off)

Now Spike's star has taken off and he's a social media sex symbol and very popular. Buffy is not to thrilled with all the attention he's getting especially from other women! Suddenly with Spike more absent from her life and all the other female attention he's getting Buffy is jealous.

Funny thought is when Spikes fame takes off he has no social media accounts. So Willow or Andrew has to get him set up on Twitter and Facebook.....and it completely overwhelms Spike lol

Summary: Spike is a struggling actor. Buffy is just plain struggling. When a shampoo commercial makes Buffy realize her feelings for Spike, she has to figure out what to do all while living with him as a roommate in a tiny LA apartment. Are they just friends? Or can they be more? 
Categories: Alternate Reality, All Human
Characters: Buffy, Spike
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Warnings: Adult Language, Buffy/Other (Temp), Human!Spike, Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp)
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Published: April 06, 2020 Updated: October 23, 2021