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I haven't seen any challenges and very few fics out there based sometime post-series where Buffy and Spike decide to start a family.

I'd love to see a story where Buffy and Spike are pleasantly together as life-partners or a married couple and start to make an effort to start a family. The baby should not be a "miracle" in the fantastical sense but can be the result of Spike being Sanshu'ed, the couple finding help from a doctor (or scientific/magical genius like Andrew or Willow), or use of a sperm donor. The story can continue until after the baby arrives but it is not required and and there are no length requirements.

The story should explore the characters, their relationship, and their reasons behind starting a family. The story can have angst but Buffy and Spike should end up as happy as reasonably possible. I dig fluff/comedy, so if the story is entirely that genre I am a-okay with that. 

Must have:

  • Buffy and Spike have an established relationship
  • The couple make the choice to start a family

Can't have:

  • Full angst
  • Surprise pregnancy/ "miracle" baby (there isn't anything wrong with this in other stories but I'd like to see something different for Buffy and Spike, thus the challenge)
  • All human/majorly AU

Have fun! :)

Summary: Buffy and Spike decide to start a family in a realistic way (as realistic as you can get in Buffyverse). Post-NFA, Buffy POV. This is a response to swifthorse’s challenge. (Beautiful banner by Carrie Ann...)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all. 
Categories: Post-Series, Challenge Response, Baby Fic
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Genres: Challenge Response, Drama, POV, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Violence
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Published: October 02, 2017 Updated: August 12, 2018