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When it's all said and done, Buffy chose to stay with a shanshu'd human Angel. Spike had thought his resilience and devotion would sway Buffy's decision but it did not. Heartbroken, Spike decided to travel the country and become a demon hunter of sorts. It was during one of his missions that he ends up fighting a demon that could cross realities/dimensions. 

Not thinking, Spike jumps through the portal and kills said demon resulting in him being stuck. 

In this reality he had died closing the Hellmouth. He also finds a grieving Buffy who is devastated that her Spike didn't believe she loved him. 


I basically want a story where two heartbroken people get a second chance for love. 

Summary: Post Season 7. Buffy chooses a shanshu'd Angel over him. What happens when a heartbroken Spike ends up in a different reality?
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Categories: Post-Series
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Published: July 26, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2017
Summary: After ‘Not Fade Away,’ Angel gets the Shanshu.  A thrilled Buffy gets her curse-free soulmate.  And Spike?  He gets his heart shattered again. Gutted and seeing no point in staying in a world without his Slayer, Spike doesn’t hesitate when pursuing a deadly demon through a portal.  He finds himself stuck in an alternate reality where he truly died closing the Hellmouth.  He also finds another Buffy, one who is devastated that her Spike didn’t believe she loved him.  They console each other over their losses… but are they only consolation prizes?  Or can two heartbroken people get a second chance for love?
This story is for the amazing challenge from the-mini-muse.  The gorgeous, yearning banner springs from the nuanced talent of artist nmcil.  Many thanks to both for inspiring this story!
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Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
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Published: April 28, 2022 Updated: March 09, 2023