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What If when Buffy was being Anne in L.A. And she went into the Hell dimension she was there long enough to age a few years. She fought hard to bring back every human there and wouldn't leave until all the baddies were dead or something happened and she was stuck there temporarily. When Buffy comes out of the portal she is slightly older (say early 20s) and has spent the last several years fighting and protecting almost nonstop. That way when she does make it back to Sunnydale she has had years to get over Angel and can view the relationship for what it really was, a first love crush that would have fizzled anyway. How do all the Scoobies and Joyce react when a no nonsense Buffy comes back to town and how will Angel and then Spikes return run differently. Obviously Spuffy. Bonus Cookies if Buffy is the one to first start flirting with Spike and it throws him all off his game.

Summary: What if Buffy spend more time in a hell dimension, so she had time to get over Angel and age a few years while it was only few months in 'the real world'?
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Categories: Season 3, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Challenges: LA portal (authors choice)
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Published: March 31, 2018 Updated: April 06, 2019
Summary: Buffy didn't leave the hell dimension after rescuing Lily. She stayed until every last slave was free. 
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Categories: Season 3
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Spike
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
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Challenges: LA portal (authors choice)
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Published: October 31, 2018 Updated: April 28, 2019
Summary: For five years Buffy fought in a hell dimension against the demons, slaying tirelessly until every slave was free. Now, she has come back to Sunnydale older, wiser, more mature, and in dire need of a shower. Adjusting isn’t going to be easy, but with the help of her friends and family she knows that things will get better. 

There’s just the minor issues of getting an education again, easing back into the So-Cal lifestyle, weathering through drama at home and amongst friends, mentoring her new sister slayer Faith, going up against the Mayor, dealing with ex-boyfriends from Hell, and a stupid bleached menace that just won’t go away... 
On second thought, maybe she should have just stayed in the hell dimension. 
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Challenges: LA portal (authors choice)
Event: Trapped Challenge 2020
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Published: October 24, 2020 Updated: October 31, 2020