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So Riley never left Sunnydale and instead got Buffy pregnant. 

Buffy keeps refusing to marry Riley every time he asks, and says she needs more time.

Spikes life is getting harder and harder as Riley is making sure he can't get near Buffy, but he's still trying to help as much as possible.

One day a demon opens a portal and the three day old baby gets sucked in Spike dives in after her, the portal closes after him.

Two weeks pass Riley and Buffy are fighting all the time, because Riley blames Buffy being the slayer on losing the baby with he believes is dead.

Another portal opens in the magic shop and out steps Spike and a young women. For them twenty years have passed.

Spike raised the baby because while she was Riley's she was also half Buffy's.

Turns out the demon that opened the portal was trying to get revenge in Riley for torturing it's mate and never meant for anyone but riley to be sucked into the portal.

Happy Spuffy ending.

Summary: Riley stays in Sunnydale, and pretty soon there’s a baby on the way.
Response to knightowl’s challenge “Riley’s Baby” – Goes AU at the end of “Into the Woods” per the challenge, rewrite of late s5/s6. There will actually be three stories; this one focuses on the main romantic relationships, while the second will be mostly Spike, and the third will unite the threads to wrap things up.
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