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Trust by Jackofspikes NC-17
This story was written with the prompting of my wonderful beta Spikeslovebite...
No Happily Ever After by Irishrose NC-17
Since the age of five, Buffy has always thought that life couldn’t get...
Saturday's Child by zabjade R
Buffy works hard and plays hard and has been building a real life for herself...
Dirty Dancing and Demons by OffYourBird NC-17
What happens when the world of Dirty Dancing is reimagined in the Buffy universe?...
Finding the Way Home by sandy_s NC-17
Buffy doesn’t feel quite right after the gang goes to L.A. for rest and...
A Touch of Her Style by myrabeth R
Season 2, but with a different pre-series history. Robin Wood moves to Sunnydale...
Winter Wonder Hell by Synefred NC-17
Shaken by the memories that flooded through him when his soul was returned...
Saved by EllieRose101 Adult Only
“I don’t trust you enough for it to be love.” Some words...
Every Letter That You Write Me by othellia PG-13
In a world where soulmates have the ability to write on each other's skin, Spike...
Scenes Without a Story by maryperk NC-17
These are various scenes that are not connect to each other or any other stories. ...
Random Story
Ten Minutes by FlightsofFancy R
Buffy, alone, looking for Oz in the Initiative.  She only has ten minutes. She...
pfeifferpack (9/22 10:06pm): It looks like it's going to be a good one too...congratulations EllieRose101
EllieRose101 (9/22 09:47pm): Part One of my 100th story is now posted! (and I think it might be my most challenging yet. That was unintentional.)
swifthorse (9/22 09:39pm): Also, reminder to anyone interested: Coffee Club is tomorrow, 10:30am site time in Chatzy. We'll be talking about the episode Harsh Light of Day (plz bring all your panther crawl gifs). big grin
swifthorse (9/22 09:38pm): sms, that's really cool! I didn't realize you were so involved! And for such a beautiful dog breed! big grin
pfeifferpack (9/22 09:07pm): Whiskey is a beautiful boy too.
slaymesoftly (9/22 08:20pm): scorpiogirl - I'm down to only two. Not doing much with them right now. Who knows? Might try to put a CD on one or both of them. The girl is done with her show career, but Whiskey just turned 3, so who knows? I'm not really up for it, TBH.
slaymesoftly (9/22 08:19pm): Thanks, Catryona. Lot of work, but if it all goes well, it will be worth it. And I will retire to my bed Sunday night and not emerge until I feel like it. LOL
scorpiogirl (9/22 07:56pm): Oh wow, that is A LOT of work slay, but Samoyeds are my fave floofballs. Do you still show them?
Catryona (9/22 07:47pm): Wow, that's a lot of work slaymesoftly! Good luck.
slaymesoftly (9/22 07:00pm): More than you needed or wanted to know, right? But when I say I"m doing show stuff, everyone always assume it means I'm showing my dogs next week and they wonder why it's such a big deal. smile
slaymesoftly (9/22 06:58pm): stay there Tuesday night. It's an hour's drive away and I'll be going back and forth a whole lot beginning tomorrow when we lay out the grounds and ending on Oct 1 when the last show wraps up and we put things away and clean up. I am too old for this! LOL
slaymesoftly (9/22 06:57pm): had serious medical issues come up in March) for Wednesday's show, the first one in a five-show cluster. I'm also the vendor chair for the cluster, so in addition to getting all my club ducks in row, I am wrangling the vendors coming in on Tuesday afternoon. Wishing I had a camper so I could just
slaymesoftly (9/22 06:55pm): @ swifthorse - I bred and showed (conformation and obedience) Samoyeds for decades. More or less retired now, but still belong to several organizations, one of which is our local all-breed, show-giving club for which I am the show chair this year (due to being the assistant to the "real" chair who
DianaM (9/22 05:26pm): Lunna798 - That sounds very much like Sang et Ivoire by Holly. smile
lunna798 (9/22 05:00pm): Fellow readers, I am hoping you can help me find a fic. Spike gets his soul and goes to England where he stays with Giles. Willow is also staying with Giles and she and Spike grow close. Buffy is disturbed by this closeness once they both return to Sunnydale. TIA
pfeifferpack (9/22 02:46pm): partyHappy birthday, kfocht! Have a fabulous day and your best year yet to come.
swifthorse (9/22 12:27pm): I'm really glad you like it sms! smile Btw, what type of dog showing do you do? Breed or agility stuff?
slaymesoftly (9/22 12:25pm): And it's lovely, swifthorse. Thank you so much! smile *goes back to fretting about dog show crap and all the things that could and probably will go wrong*
swifthorse (9/22 12:22pm): I do use those right now but they eat up a lot of power because I have AdBlock, Ghostery, and Privacy Badger running. Netflix runs much better with those three protections. big grin
swifthorse (9/22 12:20pm): Also, finally got all three banners done for the Reunion Challenge! That last one took me much longer than expected, lol.
relurker (9/22 12:20pm): Out on the Internet! Where the Big Bad Wolfe lurks... devil
swifthorse (9/22 12:19pm): I'm really sad that U.S. Netflix is taking away even more shows that I love. frown I'm hoping we get some neat surprises on October 1st though! Maybe we'll get lucky enough to get Buffy back?
othellia (9/22 12:08pm): (only downside is you have to go out onto the internet and find the subtitles yourself)
othellia (9/22 12:08pm): If you're using Chrome, there's a plugin called "Super Netflix" that lets you manually add subtitles to Netflix shows
MichelleZed (9/22 10:44am): Also, while doing work today, I tried to go on Netflix and watch Buffy in French but they don't have French subtitles anymore! What gives? (Buffy is still on Canadian Netflix.) I want some Buffy contre les vampires!

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Update: Reunion Challenge

Hey everyone,

The first lot of requests for art have come in, and this short message is to point you all towards them! If you're an artist in the Elysian Fields community and you're thinking of signing up to create one of the banners (or you're curious about the upcoming fic and just want to take a look), then you can find the banner requests HERE.

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Reunion Challenge - Banner Requests

Hi everyone!

So far we're off to a great start with the Reunion Challenge, judging by the number of sign ups. I'm excited to read what everyone has come up with. 

We're at that point where (hopefully) authors have made some progress on their writing, and may possibly be looking for some art to accompany their words.

Authors, if you would like a banner, now is the time to start making requests. It's pretty simple, all you need to do is shoot me an email (address available at the bottom of this post) with a combination of the following information. The first three dot points are required, the rest are optional. So, if you are looking for something specific, give me as much information as you think the artist will need. Alternatively, if you are open to the artist experimenting, then just give me the required info.

Required information

  • Fic...

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