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Hope by waddiwasiwitch R
PostChosen & NFA. A job results in Xander bumping into someone he never...
Side Effects by hulettwyo NC-17
Written from a prompt:  Person A is thinking sexually graphic or generally...
Baby You're not Alone by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
Sometimes the world comes to an end. Not in an apocalypse or a meteor crashing...
Endless Tomorrows In Finite Yesterdays by jhiz R
A broken soul with an eternal curse reaches across the fabric of time in hopes...
Wooded Path by Linnae13 NC-17
Once upon a time... ...or perhaps in this one, where the world has yet to grow...
Ever Sun, Ever Moon by St Ephiny NC-17
The  First wasn't stupid, it had to know that Spike would win against Wood...
A Different Kind of (Sunny)hell by OffYourBird Adult Only
Between juggling a New World Order, a bothersome Council, wayward magic, and...
Do You Trust Me? by Leanne Adult Only
A missing scene story from season 6's Dead Things. My attempt to answer Buffy's...
Dreamless by feliciacraft R
Buffy woke up the same way she always did these days, a blank alertness overtaking...
A Place Called Home by DauntlessGrace PG-13
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. Following Buffy's death in "The Gift"...
Random Story
Room with a View by Behind Blue Eyes Adult Only
The first night in her new apartment, Buffy notices her intriguing neighbor. ...
-Carrie-Ann- (5/28 07:19am): Thanks, Sun, I'll amend it xx
Sunalso (5/28 07:11am): I think R would be better ( just be a little coy/euphemism-y in the sex scenes and you'll be good)
-Carrie-Ann- (5/28 07:06am): Hi Sun, so would I be better to re-rate to R and then put a warning on the smut chapters? I think I had intended there to be more smut by now (and there will be very soon) but we are 17 chapters in and there has been nothing overly sexual to speak of as yet.
-Carrie-Ann- (5/28 07:03am): I've also just finished reading Heart Of Gold by FriendsofNikki. What a wonderful round Robin. I was in bits just before the final chapter when I found out Nikki had passed and I didn't know her. The outpouring of love for her that came through was just beautiful, well done to all who took part xxx
Sunalso (5/28 07:00am): @carrie-Anne: so far everything I read in If I... had been R, might be a difference b/t UK and US ratings
-Carrie-Ann- (5/28 06:55am): ...I'm getting to the point, I promise. So it doesn't have smut throughout but the horror content in itself I believe is enough to make it NC17? The discussion in the SB a few days back got me wondering whether it could be R rated. My head says it should stay at NC17. What do you think?
-Carrie-Ann- (5/28 06:52am): I have a question for those reading 'If I Should Dust...' I'm a bit at odds with the rating. It's essentially a horror story and contains perhaps not so much explicit language but violence and some pretty gruesome stuff I.e. adult themes. There will be smut too but not throughout....
yellowb (5/28 06:17am): @Sunalso, the long underwear walk is crucial to the both series, can't believe you overlooked it. And you call yourself a fan. lol
DeamonQueen (5/28 05:24am): Great update by St. Ephiny! Read Ever Sun, ever moon, guys! And don't forget to bring tissues for those emotional ones!
bewildered (5/28 04:57am): Outfits is hard. What kind of growth are we trying to symbolize? For Spike I think the time he wore a blue shirt is significant. Buffy has so many, but I like the idea of her in her camisole, that time in s7 when she and Spike are pretending they're over each other.
HCB (5/28 02:45am): Oddly enough the outfits I associate with them are not ones they were ever wearing together. I have a very clear image of Buffy doing her sexy dance with Xander - I loved that dress - but with Spike in his jacket like when he was dancing with Dru. Headcanon not real canon.
Sunalso (5/28 12:20am): Hmmm, the red crushed-velvet dress Buffy wore in Family (though in canon Spike never saw her in it) and the outfit he wears in Crush when he tries to "dress up" for her (the dork)
swifthorse (5/27 11:16pm): Hmmm, maybe not "Spuffy" but iconic for the individual characters while they were/are together?
Sunalso (5/27 11:07pm): The back porch moment is one of my favorites, but your question made me realize I don't really associate any set outfits as "Spuffy"
swifthorse (5/27 10:50pm): Sandy, growth within your own determination. Red and black for both is just as fine an answer as any other. smile
sandy_s (5/27 10:43pm): @swifthorse...growth in what way? I like when they wear red and idea why.
sandy_s (5/27 10:41pm): @Erics Valkyrie ooo...didn't know that about sleeper holds...
sandy_s (5/27 10:41pm): @yellowb, not needing to breathe makes sense to me, and @sunalso LOL on the underwater thing and psychosomatic could make sense for Dru given that she experiences a lot of emotion in her body.
swifthorse (5/27 10:34pm): These questions are for a painting that I will hopefully finish one day! big grin
swifthorse (5/27 10:33pm): Also, which outfit did you find stuck with you the strongest (and for what reasons) for Buffy and Spike? Possibly, which outfit did you find most important and symbolic of their growth as characters?
swifthorse (5/27 10:31pm): Off topic question -- what item presented within canon do you believe to be the best representation of Buffy and Spike's relationship?
Sunalso (5/27 10:25pm): I headcanon The Dru thing as being psychosomatic: she forgot she can't be knocked out that way...
Sunalso (5/27 10:24pm): It can't be pulsatile circulation (since no heartbeat) , just some kind of flow the demonic energy must do
OffYourBird (5/27 10:22pm): @Erics Valkyrie, that's a great explanation! I think circulation is a necessity. Otherwise, I can't imagine how Spike would, uh, bring out little Spike to play. So maybe we'll just have to write off Buffy's comment in S4 as flip?
Erics Valkyrie (5/27 10:19pm): Buffy says vampires don't have and Spike does not disagree.

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New Genres

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let you know that new genres have been added. The list of fic genres had not been updated in some time (possibly forever). The new additions came from a request in the suggestion box (brought forth from discussion on the Shoutbox) because the connotations attached to some older fandom terms has changed. We also added a few because, well, we just needed them. 

The addition of new genres does not mean that existing ones have been removed or changed. I repeat, no existing genres have been deleted or modified. They're all still there. We've just added new ones, to give writer's more options for labelling/sorting their fic. If the new genres are utilised, that will also make it easier for readers to search for more specific criteria. 

The new genre options are as follows: Dark, Humor, Lighthearted, Erotica, Hurt/Comfort, Vignette. 


--angelic_amy on May 20, 2017 08:18am 7 Comments
A New Beginning... (Or Maybe not)

4/1/16 Edit: Well, I guess our switch to an all Rangel site didn't go over as planned... April Fools! Of course the jig is up and it was all a joke. We know we put all this up before April 1 in the USA, where the majority of our members live. However, don't forget that 2 of our mods are Australian, and since it was April 1 for them, we technically weren't cheating innocent.

Thanks to all our members for playing along. We got some themed submissions, which was awesome and unexpected, and we had many lurky members comment and shout about our "new theme". We hope to keep hearing from you! Don't keep quiet until next year when we make this place a Clem/Teeth the loan shark archive wink.

An enormous thank you goes to javajunkie247, who played along with our insane...

--The Elysian Fields Mods on March 31, 2017 08:59pm 30 Comments
Shoutbox Odds and Ends

Just a quick note to keep you all informed without clogging up the shoutbox. Speaking of the shoutbox, a suggestion was added recently about it, and it prompted me to add a couple new features, and finally fix some glitches that had been around for a while.

First, the fixes:

  • Links wouldn't work properly if they were directly followed by punctuation (e.g. or if they had more than one instance of http:// within them (e.g. These should no longer be an issue.
  • Multiple presses of the shout button frequently resulted in duplicate shouts. Some new behind the scenes code should now remedy this.

Now, the new items:

  • If you're reading on the shout archive page, you can now shout directly from there instead of having to click back to the home page. You'll see the shout text input at the top of the page.
  • If you want to catch up...

--Susan on March 30, 2017 11:40pm 12 Comments