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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by maryperk R
Faith Lehane was called instead of Buffy Summers. When Faith dies for a few...
A Terrible Thing by Herself NC-17
"Ought to know better than to get between a man and his booze," he said. The...
Care by Sigyn R
While under her Will Be Done spell, Willow just happened to say “I don’t...
Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned. by Loup Noir NC-17
In the aftermath of her battle with Angelus, an injured and emotionally...
Enduring Images, Tattered Albums by jhiz R
Life is a series of connected scenes.  They are saved in memory and brought...
Hunger by Sunalso NC-17
AU. Spike killed his third Slayer, but Dru was already dust. He's been lost...
Truth & Consequences by jhiz R
Angel's destruction of the Gem of Amara leads to serious consequences for some...
Distraction by LadyxB PG-13
Season Six: The day after Halloween, Buffy wakes up for another day on the Hellmouth...
A Different Kind of (Sunny)hell by OffYourBird Adult Only
Between juggling a New World Order, a bothersome Council, wayward magic, and...
Meanwhile by EllieRose101 PG-13
When Spike’s spirit from the future – complete with soul and a host...
Random Story
afterdeath by MixSaysRawr G
Angsty minific set after "Afterlife." Originally written for tumblr challenge.
slaymesoftly (4/25 04:20pm): As was the one on LJ. It was an AH (I did it, but it hurt! LOL) fic with a real plot and real characters. No llamas that I recall. smile Those who remember the penguin fic days on LJ should enjoy a good llama fic...
slaymesoftly (4/25 04:18pm): @ Carrie Ann - no it was a serious attempt to write a fic that went off-canon immediately. Except for the one chapter that didn't fit where the story was at that time, it was really a genuine plotty fic. I think a crack fic might be fun, but it would have to be clear that's what it was from get-go.
OffYourBird (4/25 04:09pm): @sandy_s : this is such a great idea! I'd love to participate
sandy_s (4/25 03:15pm): @-Carrie-Ann- That's a great idea! We had artists for each chapter of the one we did...
-Carrie-Ann- (4/25 03:10pm): I'd love to see banner artists included too, one new one for each chapter x
-Carrie-Ann- (4/25 03:08pm): Lol! Drat! One of these days a pesky Llama will be in a story, I just know it wink
Sunalso (4/25 03:04pm): @Susan I'd be down for helping out with the organization of things
Sunalso (4/25 03:03pm): @Carrie-Ann I'm all for the llamas! But I think it'd be best to have ground rules
-Carrie-Ann- (4/25 02:59pm): slaymesoftly, was it all structured or did people take it off in a wild direction and include weird stuff (like Vampire Llamas and stuff? big grin) sandy_s, I think a crack fic would be good fun x
sandy_s (4/25 02:58pm): Hope it's ok that I brought it up. :o
sandy_s (4/25 02:58pm): I was asking Megan about a round robin here a while ago and she said y'all were thinking of cooking something up for here...yay!
sandy_s (4/25 02:58pm): Yes...a week is good...the other we did much faster than that...
Susan (4/25 02:52pm): Amy actually brought up the idea of having a round robin challenge here, but we've all been busy and nothing has come of it yet. Seeing this conversation may revive that. Stay tuned.
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:29pm): Here's the one from the BSV:
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:11pm): had more than a week to be thinking about it. Not too long though, because obviously you have to use what's come before. Same with the one on LJ - use what you've been given and move forward with it.
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:09pm): I remember only one chapter that went wildly astray and made us all roll our eyes, but Megan had the next chapter and she finessed it really well (dream sequence) and we carried on with the actual pretty decent story. Probably one chapter a week? but you would know who you followed, so you'd have
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:06pm): I could check with. I just don't remember how the chapters got posted. But it was kind of fun.
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:05pm): it was his or her turn. But Meagan might know how that one was handled. If not, let me know and I'll ask Dia if she remembers how it was done. It's her script, so she would have had to set it up, I imagine. Can't think who else might be on here who would know or remember, but there are a few on FB
Sunalso (4/25 02:04pm): @sandy_s do you remember other rules? Like how long people had to write their chapter? Length of chapters? That sort of thing?
slaymesoftly (4/25 02:03pm): We did one years ago on the BSV too. The LJ all-human one was for a member of the fandom who was dying (of cancer, I think) and wanted a story she'd started finished. The one on the BSV was done right on the site, but I don't know how it was managed so that each author could submit a chapter when i
sandy_s (4/25 02:00pm): @-Carrie-Ann- That makes sense! What kind of story sounds fun? The only one I participated in... Megan helped organize and it was an all human AU. I can't remember if that was the only guideline or if we had a challenge...
yellowb (4/25 01:57pm): Sandy_s, the round robin sounds fun!
Nyxella (4/25 01:51pm): Yeah, that's it, thanks.
jhiz (4/25 01:27pm): Nyxella: I think you might be looking for Lies by Pet.
-Carrie-Ann- (4/25 01:11pm): I suppose aomeone would have to be an organiser and post chapters which were sent to said organiser via email or something?

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A New Beginning... (Or Maybe not)

4/1/16 Edit: Well, I guess our switch to an all Rangel site didn't go over as planned... April Fools! Of course the jig is up and it was all a joke. We know we put all this up before April 1 in the USA, where the majority of our members live. However, don't forget that 2 of our mods are Australian, and since it was April 1 for them, we technically weren't cheating innocent.

Thanks to all our members for playing along. We got some themed submissions, which was awesome and unexpected, and we had many lurky members comment and shout about our "new theme". We hope to keep hearing from you! Don't keep quiet until next year when we make this place a Clem/Teeth the loan shark archive wink.

An enormous thank you goes to javajunkie247, who played along with our insane...

--The Elysian Fields Mods on March 31, 2017 08:59pm 30 Comments
Shoutbox Odds and Ends

Just a quick note to keep you all informed without clogging up the shoutbox. Speaking of the shoutbox, a suggestion was added recently about it, and it prompted me to add a couple new features, and finally fix some glitches that had been around for a while.

First, the fixes:

  • Links wouldn't work properly if they were directly followed by punctuation (e.g. or if they had more than one instance of http:// within them (e.g. These should no longer be an issue.
  • Multiple presses of the shout button frequently resulted in duplicate shouts. Some new behind the scenes code should now remedy this.

Now, the new items:

  • If you're reading on the shout archive page, you can now shout directly from there instead of having to click back to the home page. You'll see the shout text input at the top of the page.
  • If you want to catch up...

--Susan on March 30, 2017 11:40pm 11 Comments
Reader Recs 2016 on our LJ

The lovely Sunalso has started a thread on LJ where you can list and link to stories that captured your attention that were either written or updated in 2016.  

This is NOT an award or "best of" type of listing just a recommendation from reader to reader.  

It is suggested that you post your recommendations (as a comment to the original post) based on genre (examples would be All human, Dark fic, Fluffy fic, Hot fic and so on).  

The link to the original post is here:

Also on the EF LJ site:

NMCIL has suggested we start a thread there with links to other sites that are still active.  Lots of old archives and writers websites are disappearing and the wayback machine doesn't always get us to those "lost" treasures.  This would be a way to find older stories that might be lost to the ages otherwise.  Looking for WORKING inks for this one and anyone who wishes to...

--pfeifferpack on January 02, 2017 05:37pm 2 Comments