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It Doesn't End With a Wish by ssddgr Adult Only
Sequel to “If Wishes Were Spikes, Buffy Would Have Two”. A wish...
Stalk Her by jypzrose Adult Only
Buffy finds herself the object of somebody’s affections. At first, she’s...
Rocket Queen by -Carrie-Ann- Adult Only
Set in season 6, Rocket Queen is a post 'As You Were' re-write. Buffy finds...
A Different Kind of (Sunny)hell by OffYourBird Adult Only
Between juggling a New World Order, a bothersome Council, wayward magic, and...
Heaven Sent by Sunalso Adult Only
S3 AU. Someone beat Spike to killing Buffy. When she crawls from her grave with...
Bloodstream by ChosenOne NC-17
Post Chosen. Spike is in Hell and Buffy is determined on getting him out. She...
Hindsight by Toften R
"Give me another chance. I can fix it."
In Death, That I May Live... by Irishrose PG-13
Challenge Fic: Buffy makes an accidental wish to a vengence demon that will...
No Happily Ever After by Irishrose NC-17
Since the age of five, Buffy has always thought that life couldn’t get...
Save the Last Dance for Me by Passion4Spike Adult Only
Set in season 6, this story begins soon after Older and Far Away. Warren...
Random Story
To Do by Sigyn G
Spike's weekly to do list.
sandy_s (7/18 07:14pm): Iím super curious...
slaymesoftly (7/18 06:23pm): I'll probably give it a look, sandy_s.
sandy_s (7/18 06:09pm): Happy anniversary, blackwolfjedi!
sandy_s (7/18 06:08pm): Interesting article... is anyone going to watch the new show by joss?
pfeifferpack (7/18 05:31pm): Badwolfjedi happy anniversary and SO glad you found us and are a part of the family.
pfeifferpack (7/18 05:28pm): Headed to work...will look in at lunch and see you tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile...interesting read
nmcil (7/18 05:07pm): @bewildered - thanks ever for the glacier vid link -
OffYourBird (7/18 02:27pm): Happy anniversary, BWJ! party
Great challenge, Pfeifferpack!
Awesome glaciers, be!
Have fun with your kiddo, sandy heart

Badwolfjedi (7/18 09:52am): Hope you have a great day with your little guy Sandy!!
Badwolfjedi (7/18 09:51am): That challenge sounds neat pfeifferpack!!
Badwolfjedi (7/18 09:47am): I am so excited each day as new stories or chapters get posted and then I can gush at authors about what I loved about their story, that they shared with us for fun, out of their time. I have learned a lot from other reviewers as well, and thank you all for making this such a special place! yay
Leenth (7/18 09:43am): Chrissel, thanks! That's it.
Badwolfjedi (7/18 09:43am): Hi All, I just wanted to say Thanks for being here as I found this website/community a year ago, and it has become a huge part of my life. Iím in awe of all the work the admins do for us, all the fabulous stories you authors share, the banners artists create, the work betas do to help their writers.
sandy_s (7/18 09:41am): Thanks for the birthday wishes, Kathleen! I canít believe heís two... heart
Chrissel (7/18 08:18am): @Leenth - that one is definitely Only Time Will Tell by Dampersandspoons
Leenth (7/18 08:14am): If anyone's recognized it, please write be back. Thanks.
Leenth (7/18 08:13am): Fabric=fanfic XDS
Leenth (7/18 08:12am): Hello!I'm searching for William/Buffy fabric,where Buffy is sent back to Spike's human days for a mission, but something goes wrong and she loses her memory(or it's misplaced by another). William meets her. I also remember that Giles was also sent back when they'd known that Buffy needs help.
Chrissel (7/18 08:06am): @Mikkalenko - the first one sounds a little like Hollyís Echoes, except for the Angelus doing the turning part... Second sounds familiar, Iíll give it a bit of a think.
Nina (7/18 06:33am): @nmcil No problem! Glad I could help. smile
Mikkalenko (7/18 03:44am): If anyone knows what these two stories are Iíd be very appreciative.
Mikkalenko (7/18 03:44am): Oh yeah and the second one is definitely a claim fic. Because Buffy shut down her side of the claim so spike couldnít find her.
Mikkalenko (7/18 03:43am): The second one is post Buffy being resurrected and is a baby fic. I donít remember much except Angel creeping in Buffyís window trying to tell her Spike is bad. Joyce and Anne being brought back to life to help with the baby. And Buffy suffering depression and taking off in the middle of the night.
Mikkalenko (7/18 03:42am): Greetings all. Iím back on a quest to find lost Spuffy fics I want to revisit lol.
The first one starts with spike falling in love with a slayer right after heís turned just for Angelus (I think) to kill her. Fast forward to buffy who is the slayer reincarnated.

pfeifferpack (7/18 03:04am): party Happy birthday to sarcasm_for_free and baby James! Hope the day brings lots of prezzies and perfect joy. May the year ahead bring health, happiness and hope.

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Seasonal Spuffy

We love to celebrate everyone out there working to keep Spuffy alive and well, so we're happy to promote the Seasonal Spuffy stories that we have housed here on Elysian Fields. We've got a brand new Seasonal Spuffy category that authors can choose when they're loading a story here that was written for Seasonal Spuffy. If you already have a story here that was written for a round of Seasonal Spuffy, you can edit it and add the Seasonal Spuffy category. That way, when readers want to admire all the works created for Seasonal Spuffy, they can head to the category and sort and filter just like with all the other categories.

There's a free-for-all day coming up on June 21, so if you're interested in contributing to Seasonal Spuffy, check out the rules

--Mods on June 16, 2018 10:54pm 7 Comments
Another important TOS/Policy update

TOS/Policy update and explanations/definitions:

Social networking is always evolving and we at Elysian Fields try to keep up with those evolving issues to the best of our ability. This often leads to new or revised policies and Terms Of Service as with the Patron site links a few months ago.

It is our objective to have Elysian Fields be a place where all of us who love these characters can share and enjoy fanworks that continue to tell stories that center on the Spuffy connection. We aim to have it be a place where we can be a community of fans where interaction is encouraging and polite, where members can feel they are in a safe place to enjoy and share.

This does require a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, policing (insofar as volunteers are able to do so). And so for that reason, there are going to be a few...

--Mods on May 22, 2018 08:36pm 25 Comments
New TOS/FAQ please read

Hello writers, artists and readers here in our EF family. I’m here with important information about something that impacts us all and that is newly covered by additions to our TOS and mentioned in our FAQ.

Part of the job as administrators of this site is to update rules and guidelines as things change and evolve that impact the site. There is one issue that has been on edge of fandom for years but has grown enough that it needs official addressing. This news item will likely be long winded but I feel it is important that I try to have us all understand not just the what of these additions but the why’s as well so please bear with me. Also please take note of the new rule.


--Pfeifferpack on January 12, 2018 02:10pm 19 Comments