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Random Story
Arizona by jypzrose NC-17
Druscilla followed Angel into hell. Buffy did leave, but never went back to...
Chrissel (7/26 06:22pm): @sunalso It's the very definition of farce (to me) but I can't help laughing every. single. time!
slaymesoftly (7/26 06:02pm): And, never mind, you already knew that. Read the whole shout thread before popping in, Patti....
slaymesoftly (7/26 05:57pm): oh, you know what, purrmonster? I think it was on Smallville, now that I think of it.
Sunalso (7/26 05:51pm): @Chrissel Dear lord, that story
bewildered (7/26 05:30pm): And when I heard the story he was very clear that it was the part where he looked down.
bewildered (7/26 05:29pm): He seems very determined to say that line.
bewildered (7/26 05:27pm): There's something about the way he says his next line when he looks up that makes me think that's it. Something in the eyes.
bewildered (7/26 05:26pm): He looks down for a while when he says "MAggie and I are going through a tough time" and I think that's the bit.
purrmonster (7/26 05:17pm): Yes, bewildered, I figured that it must be that scene too - but the only time James looks down in one of those scenes, it is SO NATURAL and goes right with what lines he is saying, that it's hard to tell if that's the bit or not. Must be 'the one' because the director thought it was natural too.
Puppet (7/26 05:15pm): yeah he doesn't say which scene, so we'll have to make a guess. I think what bewildered said makes sense, it could be that first one.
purrmonster (7/26 05:14pm): JM says it was while he was standing, saying lines for a close up that one of the stars uses his foot to "bobble" JM's nether region (off camera) to try to get JM to freak out and JM doesn't - he goes right on with the lines and the director says "cut and print" at the end of JM's close up
bewildered (7/26 05:14pm): From his talk at Phoenix Comicon, I got the impression the scene was the one in his office, where he first meets the guys? When they were filming one of the closeup shots so the director couldn't see what was happening below the waist.
Sunalso (7/26 05:11pm): While I know it's a TW for some people, I've been trying to find a early S5 or S4 fic (not AH) in which Buffy appears to dating Riley (and Riley things she is) but she's creeping around behind his back with Spike every two seconds and they pretend to hate each other but ham it up too much.
purrmonster (7/26 05:07pm): Here James explains the prank at minute mark 1:00
Chrissel (7/26 04:55pm): This is a tongue in cheek Riley bashing that is very funny
Sunalso (7/26 04:52pm): @purr What was the prank? For some reason I thought it was something to do with the scene at the end when he comes in a grabs the coins out from between the mattresses.
purrmonster (7/26 04:51pm): I just found out - it was Smallville that Prof. Milton Fine (JM) says that about vampires. lol
purrmonster (7/26 04:46pm): The show where he says "there are no such thing as vampires" - what show is that? It is not Supernatural. Witches of East End? I'm beginning to think that scene was cut from the show if it was Supernatural.
Sunalso (7/26 04:46pm): @MichelleZed Riley catches it really hard in Gort's Sunny Days
purrmonster (7/26 04:38pm): Oh, I may be watching the wrong episode. I'm was watching the one with Charisma and they play witch and warlock. Don't know what the other episode may be. Bummer
Puppet (7/26 04:37pm): @slaymesoftly he was only in one episode, in S7, and yes his character was married to Charisma's smile
slaymesoftly (7/26 04:34pm): Was he on there twice? Isn't there one where he and Charisma play a married couple? Or was that some other show?
slaymesoftly (7/26 04:33pm): @purrmonster - I think the scene took place in a fraternity house, or on a college campus? I remember he says "there are no such things as vampires" . Had to be an early season, I think.
slaymesoftly (7/26 04:31pm): @ swifthorse - I agree, I just want to see them do that work and not just sail through life as if they have no problems. The Barbverse is the best place to see them cope through the years, but they don't start out together there either, they just get there a bit sooner and are closer.
slaymesoftly (7/26 04:28pm): I bash him pretty badly in most of my season 5 fics, and in a lot of the season 4 ones. It's not the focus of the story, necessarily, but when he is interfering with Spuffy he gets what he deserves. smile

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Reunion Challenge

Hi everyone!

A little over a month ago, the mods were discussing a new site challenge. We'd been leaning towards a Round Robin event, but knowing that some of the members had put together their own round robin (which has made a great start so far, check it out), we decided to put that idea on the back-burner. It will possibly be revisited down the track.

So we kept thinking, and the idea for this challenge was born. It has taken inspiration from the 20th anniversary of BtVS (and the accompanying photo shoot), and a fandom meetup organised via a facebook group.

Both events have a strong thematic connection, which is why the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a fic with the theme Reunion.

What will the Reunion Challenge involve? All the relevant details are below.

This new item serves as your sign up post. By signing up to the challenge, you are agreeing to comply with the rules and regulations...

--Amy on July 10, 2017 02:08am 13 Comments
Review Milestone and Fun New Emoticons

Today Elysian Fields passed 200,000 reviews. This is a huge number, and it's all thanks to you, our members. Thank you for being so supportive of the authors who share their stories here! As you continue to shower our authors with love, reviews might just get a little more fun thanks to some completely amazing new emoticons created specifically for Elysian Fields by our very own EffulgentEllie. You might need to refresh your page to see them, and we know that you'll love them once you do. Thank you so much, EffulgentEllie for your hard work, and for sharing your talent with us!

Here's to all the wonderful members of Elysian Fields and to 200,000 more reviews!cheers

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7/7 update: Email issues should now be resolved, and you should be receiving story update and digest emails normally.

7/6 update: The issue preventing people from responding to reviews should be cleared up, so you can't use site problems as an excuse anymore wink. There is a lingering issue with email notifications, and some people are getting multiple emails, while others aren't receiving them at all. I'll look into it today and will try to get it resolved as soon as possible. 


First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for being patient while we deal with the glitches that showed up when we were unexpectedly moved to a new server. Overall, things are working as they should, but there are still a few things that need to be addressed, and I'm sure there are a few more that will pop up along the way. I just wanted to take a minute to go over some things that would be helpful while things get back to normal.

1. If you...

--Susan on July 05, 2017 04:05pm 14 Comments