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Beneath the neon glow of LA's underbelly, Spike's world is plunged into chaos when Buffy, the rebellious daughter of his boss Hank Summers, returns.

Spike soon finds himself torn between alligances as he navigates treacherous waters when Buffy's return threatens to ignite a powder keg of secrets, lies, hidden agendas and betrayal.  

Hearts on the Frontline
Lt. William 'Spike' Pratt, a US Marine, wounded in both body and spirit is recovering at the Pearl Harbour Base Hospital. He soon crosses paths with a new bubbly young nurse, Elizabeth "Buffy" Summers. Buffy refuses to backdown to Spike's anger and hostility, and yet despite his brooding and volatile nature, an unlikely friendship begins to form. But as the tides of war shift, Spike is redeployed, leaving Buffy to grapple with the ache and worry of 'what if.'

Will their love come out victorious in the trials of battle, or will it be lost amidst the chaos of war?

Inspired by the movie 'Purple Hearts'

Normal Again: Echoes of Reality (Episode Rewrite)
Inspired by the episodes "the weight of the world" and "normal again."

This fic is set in the episode "normal again" and instead of buffy choosing to return to reality (sunnydale and her friends) she decides to stay in the mental hospital.

To return home Buffy must confront the deepest parts of her psyche and the fears that come with them. With three unlikely guides and different aspects of Buffy's psyche, they each embark on a journey through Buffy's fragmented mind.

A journey that leads her to explore the full spectrum of her identity, not just as a Slayer or a woman, but as a complex being capable of great love, strength, and vulnerability.

A Noire Tale
*Response to a writing challenge issued by Mia Vann
AU, but not All Human.
Two words: Vampire Gangsters.
And Buffy has to stop them.
Go wild. XD*

Deleve into the underworld of crime and corruption, where betrayal and deceit lurk at every turn on the gritty streets of 1920's Chicago. 

Starting her new job as a burlesque performer at a local squeakeasy, the Caritas, Buffy crosses paths with rival gang leaders Spike and Angel. Both captivated by her beauty and performances, Buffy soon finds herself entangled in a world of vampire gangsters.

When a mysterious man shows up at her door one morning, Buffy's world is plunged into chaos when she is informed she's the new Slayer, tasked with bring down the ruthless gang of vampire mobsters taking over Chicago.

What will happen when Buffy finds herself torn between her newfound duty and her growing feelings for Spike?

 Campfire Carnage
Buffy and her friends decide to take a camping trip for Halloween, tensions soon begin to rise and paranoia sets in as the campers begin to mysteriously vanish one by one. With the lines between friend and foe quickly blurring, the survivors must question who they can really trust in their desperate fight for survival.

Spike, a teenage boy with the unique ability to teleport around the world, soon learns he can travel through time. His time jumping adventures eventually lead him to 1990 - Sunnydale, California. Where he meets and falls in love with Buffy Summers.

Thirteen Tales of Terror
In this halloween themed Spuffy fic, each chapter is a unique stand-alone story inspired by thirteen iconic horror movies re-imagined within the Buffyverse.

Including Scream, Cujo, Child's Play, I Know What You Did Last Summer and many more!

Twisted Minds
Elizabeth Summers and William Pratt are patients at Sunnydale Asylum, where their journey to recovery soon becomes a desperate quest for freedom.

Buffy works at a bustling seaside carnival, when a charismatic newcomer joins the crew. Despite having been in a relationship for the past year, Buffy finds herself inexplicably attracted to him. Despite her initial shyness, Spike's playful advances gradually draw Buffy out of her shell and they begin spending time together outside of work.

Misfits & Roses
After her parents divorce, Buffy Summers moves from LA to Sunnydale, hoping for a fresh start. High school life proves challenging especially when she catches the attention of Spike, the high school bad boy, and someone with a dangerous obsession.

Little do they know, each is keeping a dark secret - she's a schizophrenic with a troubled past and he's been undead since 1880.

Red Dead

This Spuffy fic is based on and inspired by the videogame, Red Dead Redemption.

William 'Spike' Pratt, once a notorious outlaw is now living the quiet life with his partner, Buffy Summers on her family's farm. One day their peaceful existence is shattered when government agents coerce Spike into hunting down his old gang, in exchange for a new life for him and Buffy.

With Buffy by his side, they confront old allies turned enemies in the search for the Aurelius Gang. As they start closing in, Buffy is abducted, forcing Spike into a final showdown that will determine their future once and for all.

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Summary: Buffy isn't a slayer, she's a wolfwalker and the last surviving descendant and reincarnation of Medb, Queen of Wolves.
Spike is in Ireland nursing a broken-heart from his recent break up with Cecily, when their paths collide and forgotten memories begin to resurface.
Together they must embark on a perilous journey through time, space, and otherworldly dimensions in search of answers and clues to help them break the curse that binds them and fulfil an ancient prophecy that threatens the very fabric of existence.
But not everything is as it seems.
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