Summary: That look. That damn look that vengeance demon Hallie had given Spike. It had lasted probably all of six seconds but it was there and it spoke volumes. Whole enormous volumes. So many volumes Giles would probably have to build a second stupid library if he wanted to house all the volumes that look had spoken- a jealous Buffy drabble
Series: Short But Fierce
Categories: Season 6, Vignettes, Missing Scene, Drabbles
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Halfrek
Genres: Angst, Erotica
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Event: Drabblemania 2023
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 626 Hit Count: 758 ePub Downloads: 15
Published: July 15, 2023 Updated: July 15, 2023

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Story Notes:

Mini one shot post Older and Far Away (Season 6) 
Banner by the one and only CD85!!

1. Chapter 1 by Geliot99 - Likes: 45 Comments: 19 Word Count: 626 Hit Count: 758 Published: July 15, 2023

Written as a gift for CD85! For all the incredible banners!!

Response to Drabblemania's prompt Jealous Buffy, beta'd by RavenLove12