No Words by Sigyn [PG]
Summary: “Wordlessly she reached for him, like a child reaches in the darkness for comforting arms, desperate for something, anything, to take this terror away.” My version of the evening at the Bronze, at the end of Tabula Rasa.
Series: "Down in the Dark"
Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Angst, Drama, POV, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 2,573 Hit Count: 1,884 ePub Downloads: 77
Published: July 14, 2015 Updated: July 14, 2015

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1. No Words by Sigyn - Likes: 37 Comments: 16 Word Count: 2,573 Hit Count: 1,884 Published: July 14, 2015

This story came about when I realized that Buffy’s behavior and dead-eyed stare when her memory came back was more applicable to shock than resentment or sorrow. Sometimes words go away when that happens, and as far as we saw, they never spoke that night. Not a word.