Site Donations Live Again!

Hi EF,

Over the past year, many of you have asked about site donations, which we ceased taking at the start of 2022. There were several reasons for this, primarily the changing tax code in the United States and then, in March, the departure of the Mod who had previously overseen EF’s finances. Getting things untangled took time, but we’re pleased to announce that, as of today, anyone who wishes to contribute to the site is once again able to do so.

As always, donations to Elysian Fields are enormously appreciated but will never be expected or solicited. The site is in good financial condition even after 18 months of suspended donations. That said, the Mods did promise to let the membership know when donations could resume, and that time is now. Currently just through PayPal and Venmo, but we will be exploring additional options over the coming months.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

--Holly and the Mods on June 10, 2023 05:24am 3 Comments

Glad that the donations are open again - it's a great way for the readers and members to show their support for our beloved Spuffy stories and all the work that goes into making this a great site.  Thank you to all the writers, artists and mods for all you do.

-- nmcil on June 11, 2023 11:48am

What is the paypal or Venmo name?

-- acb6293 on June 26, 2023 08:32am

Hi acb6293! You can find our PayPal and Venmo details on the donation page, linked here.

-- cawthraven on June 27, 2023 06:45am