Event Icon Change & Event Banner Reminder

Hi EF,

We have changed the event icon set for April Challenge Month from a puzzle piece to an umbrella, following member feedback. To the Mods’ collective embarrassment, we overlooked the unfortunate fact that puzzle pieces have a historically problematic relationship/association with autism.

As administrators of the site, we are committed to ensuring that our space here is safe and welcoming to all individuals. Discomfort of any kind should not be a part of the EF experience. We are very grateful to the member who stepped forward as well as the members who seconded these concerns for helping us correct our oversight.

Your April Challenge Event fics will be marked with this icon:

And a reminder to authors and artists: Please make sure that ‘Written for the Elysian Fields April Challenge’ is on your fic banner! This was added to our news post in an edit earlier this week but not included in the original publication.

Thank you!

--Holly and the Mods on April 01, 2023 10:45am 1 Comments

Dear mods,  thank you for making this change!  You all rock!

-- HebiC on April 07, 2023 12:57pm