Sleeping beauty. by knightowl +15
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Willow and Xander deside to show Buffy how much Riley loves her by cursing her with eternal sleep only to be awoken by true loves kiss.

True loves kiss. That would be Riley right, becuase he's human and normal.

So Riley's kiss dosen't wake Buffy, so they ring Angel.

Nope that dosen't work either.

So Spike sneaks in a kisses Buffy.

She wakes up. :)

Needs to be before anyone knows how Spike feels.

While Buffy is asleep her spirit / soul can see everything going on. So knows about the curse and who put it on her and why. She sees how everyone treats her and how the only person looking out for Dawn and Joyce in all this is Spike. Spike doesn't kiss Buffy because he thinks she'll wake up, but because thinks it's the only chance he'll ever have to kiss her.

Summary: Buffy is wondering if Riley is really the one. Willow decides to help out and... well, doesn't. Instead she accidentally puts Buffy under a sleeping curse that can only be broken by a kiss from her soulmate. 
This is my (sort of) response to the Sleeping Beauty challenge by knightowl, contributed for the first EF Challenge Month, written in an experimental style.
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Published: October 28, 2015 Updated: January 29, 2016
Summary: What do you get when two Well-Meaning but Misguided Friends decide to intervene in the Slayer's love life?
Simple answer... Sleeping Beauty, Buffy style.
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