Spike Gets Back with Dru & Buffy Realizes She's Jealous (Author's Choice) by Lady Emma +6
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Characters: Buffy, Spike, Drusilla

I will accept any version of this scenario, but my general plot thoughts are this:

Buffy time travels to a not-canon-compliant future in which she’s long dead (post-“The Gift” or otherwise). Spike is still fighting the good fight, with a close friendship with Dawn (and Fred/Tara/Anya/Lorne(/maybe Wes or Cordy?), whichever ones we’re throwing in) and a begrudging relationship with the rest of the Scoobies or Angel Investigations, whomever he’s hanging out with. But after years of mourning Buffy, he’s moved on… or well, moved back to Drusilla. Season 5/6-Buffy sees their relationship rekindled and gets EXTREMELY jealous, and realizes that she does have feelings for him.


- No matter what your actual plot is, Spike & Dru have an understanding based on mutual love & respect, even though they’re not IN love with each other.


- Dru isn’t necessarily on the side of good, just not doing evil anymore.

- If Buffy is going to travel back to her own time, she doesn’t actively try to mess with S/D’s relationship in the future. She & future!Spike obviously have moments, but she waits till she’s back in her time to start anything up.

- If Buffy stays in the future, Dru graciously bows out, and Buffy grows to accept Spike’s platonic relationship with his sire.

Alternate Plot Option:

- Spike gets back with Dru, post-both series (no comics). Buffy still thinks he’s dead, and gets a rude awakening that not only is he alive, he’s back with Drusilla. (The legitimacy of Buffy’s relationship with the Immortal is up to you. Faux!Buffy is the only thing I’m cool with transferring from the comics in this scenario, but if Buffy was really banging him, seeing S/D could be a nice catalyst for that breakup.)

Summary: What if Spike left after Get it Done? How would Buffy react?
And what would happen if she then found out, that he was now living with his Ex, Drusilla?
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Maybe not.
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