Buffy in the Bot (author's choice) by Fay Meadows +10
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Challenge posted 29 June 2014.

When the demons disrupt Willow's resurrection spell, Buffy's spirit gets dragged out of heaven but her corpse goes pfft - disintegrating in the coffin instead of reviving. No chance of ever restoring her real body.

Lost and confused, Buffy's spirit gets drawn into the closest approximation: the Buffybot. As she tries to figure out what's going on, she has to fight the demons who want to tear the Bot apart.

Season 6 then goes ahead, with the difference of Robot!Buffy.

- First problem: how to convince everyone she's really herself, the real Buffy.
- Second problem: how to deal with no longer having a human body, as well as losing heaven.
- When her attraction to Spike starts happening, nobody (not even Buffy and Spike) can be totally sure it's not some weird bug left over from the Bot's original programming.
- Spike's confronted on a daily basis with the unintended consequences of his decision to have the Bot built.
- Buffy is now vulnerable to Warren in a whole new way.

Must have:
Buffy is still the Slayer.
Occasional lapses into Bot-speak when Buffy talks without thinking.

Must not have Angel-bashing. Bonus points for cooperation between the Sunnydale and LA teams, e.g. Willow and Fred geek-bonding over Buffy's electronics, or calling in David Nabbit to help against the nerd trio.


Written for EF's amazingly inspired Challenge Month, in response to a prompt posted by Fay Meadows.

Buffy's spirit has been recalled, but her body destroyed. Now with nowhere else to go, she's drawn into her closest approximation – just moments before the machine itself is torn to pieces by rampaging biker demons.

When the Bot's repaired, will Buffy be able to convince her friends that she is who she thinks she is? And how will she cope with the fact that she's lost more than just her place in Heaven?

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Published: September 30, 2015 Updated: October 13, 2015