Harmony Makes a Call (suggested title) by JustWriter +18
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Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Fred, Harmony, Spike, Wesley

Fed up with Angel, Harmony decides to throw a spanner into the works just to mess with him. With the discretion she quickly learned in the short time she'd worked at WR&H, she waits until her work hours are over and makes her way to a payphone across town. The number was a piece of cake for her to locate; as possessive as Angel is, it would be his comeuppance she was sure. And -- she had just enough bitch leftover from her life to know exactly what to say to draw to L.A. the one person who can put Angel in his place, Buffy Summers. Not normally one to show her new face, she grinned evilly and made the call.

Summary: Several months after the fall of Sunnydale Buffy receives a call from an unexpected source within Wolfram and Hart, telling her that a certain vampire is back... if a little unsolid.
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Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Fred, Harmony, Lorne, Spike
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Published: April 22, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019