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or not another time travel fic lol ;) though you can change the title :)  

Ok so I like time travel fic where they go back and get to change everything ;) which got me thinking have not seen many where its Giles that goes back to the past. so my challenge is Giles is the one the goes back but not once but twice:)

the first time its accident the second times its to fix what he did the first time around ;)  I see this happening more in the seventh season but you can have it happen after the final season or have it happen in season six :)  

 Giles jump to the past the first time is accident I see a spell gone wrong and Giles ends up in the past ( who does the spell can be up to you can be willow or Giles or anyone) but the spell has a time limit and Giles will be pulled back to the present time.   But while Giles is in the past he makes changes  now you can pick most of the changes that he does but the one major change he does is he kills Spike. 

now Giles gets back to the present only it is much much worse then when he left due to he what he did in the past. with no Spike everything has gotten worse and any other changes Giles did can be bad as well.   So now the present is way more worse off then it was before so the PTB decide to send Giles back to fix it but this time Giles has to stay in the past and relive the whole thing again. now you can pick either season one or season two to send Giles too.

optional can also send other character back with Giles and you can pick who it is :)  

 and this time the PTB are going to help with what to change and what not to change. you can use Whistler or use your own character or someone else from the show as the PTB helper:) one change that happens is Buffy and Spike of course lol end up together  :)  


Must haves

Spike and Buffy ;)

Giles learning that Spike was much better then Angel and coming to like Spike as a Friend 

Willow and Xander also coming to like Spike and accept Buffy choices   

and with the whole Angel and Buffy I would really like it not to happen kind like Spike and Buffy to start there relationship early in season two if you send Giles back to season two if you send Giles back to season one kind like to see Spike end up in Season one ;) but I leave that up to you :) and all other changes I leave up to the writer  

optional can have characters from later season show up in Season one or two ;) like Tara that would be interesting ;)  umm though please no Dawn not a fan though I leave that up to you ;) sometimes a writer makes me like her LOL 

Summary: Summary:
Giles takes an unexpected opportunity to make things “right” only to see how very wrong things can go. Now he will need unexpected help trying to set things to right before hell takes up occupancy in the new world he’s created. 
Setting: Begins S7 right after episode “Dirty Girls” (the episode where Xander lost his eye) then skips through past seasons starting in S2 forward. 
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