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It just occurred to me to wonder today how the Initiative would've faired against the First Evil, Caleb and the Über-Vamps. Which then got me to thinking, how would they have dealt with the Trio, or the Mayor, or the Master or [insert Big Bad here]? What would've happened if Riley had tangled with Glory? Would Adam have killed Maggie if the situation had been different? Would the soldiers have tried to capture the Master? Chip Angelus? Control Dark Willow? If Buffy had been a little older and wiser, would she have kicked Riley in the nuts at the first opportunity? Or if she was a little younger, would Riley have been arrested for being a gigantic perve?

So your challenge is to write how the whole Initiative plot would've played out had it been in a different season. You can have them helping or hindering Buffy, you can have them accidentally (or maybe on some level deliberately) helping the bad guy, just include them in some way.

Spuffy undertones or overtones are obviously A-OK, though please try and make it in keeping with whichever season(s) you write.

I can see this challenge working for anything from serious plotty stories to "make the Initiative look bad" crack!fic/farce, so let your imagination run wild!

Riley's death at the hands of a convenient big (or little) bad is most welcome but not a requirement tongue You can choose whether you have the Biley relationship, it's not my favourite (and pretty please, no Riley smut because yuk), but if you do use it, obviously don't make it Biley endgame, and feel free to have Buffy see he's a git and deal with him accordingly.

I think that's it. Go forth and create! biggrin

Summary: Maggie Walsh (formerly involved with the Watcher's council in this reality) creates artificial Slayers with the science and technology that the Initiative has to offer. When Kendra died, since Buffy was still alive, Faith wasn't called. However, Walsh has found Faith, and a somewhat crazed, fresh out of hell, Angel.
Then Spike shows up in town, and well...things go downhill from there. But like, in an 'entertaining to watch' sort of way.
Oh yeah, and Mayor Wilkins does his thing, and the Initiative gets involved in that. Another train wreck, but again, entertaining to watch.
An exploration of the grey area of morality that the Initiative lives in, the possible backstory of Maggie Walsh, and...Spike and Buffy helping each other get over their exes with healthy coping strategies and friendship?
It's angsty especially at first but tries not to get too dark, and will get lighter in tone and content as it goes along. Hence the 'dramedy' genre.
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