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Inspired by Megan's Show Me Something Blue 

When the Thy Will Be Done spell is broken, Buffy realizes that Willow has unearthed a huge vulnerability in her defenses.  If word gets out that she can be affected by magic, she's as good as dead.  Still pretending to be in lust with Spike, she hurries out of the tomb, past her bewildered friends, Spike in tow.  Once she gets him alone, she strikes a deal with him.  If he helps her find a way to shore up her defenses, she'll help him get the chip out.

They agree to a truce, and telling her that he has some contacts in LA, they head out that night in his car.  What happens next is a series of events that takes them on a mystical egg hunt through LA, looking for the ingredients for a worn token that will give her immunity to magic.  The spell is hardcore, the ingredients hard to come by, and their adventures can cause them to run into old and new friends.

Back in Sunnydale, her friends are freaked that Buffy has run off with Spike.  In a moment of desperation Willow casts a spell on Buffy that will force her to come back to Giles' apartment.  In LA, the spell affects Buffy, and even though she can talk and think, she can't stop her body from walking in the directest possible line toward Sunnyvale.  This hiccup, forces Spike to abandon Buffy's side so he can find someone to break the spell before she's forced to walk hundreds of miles across the desert back to Sunnydale.

Once the spell is broken, Buffy has a shattering realization that one of the biggest threats in her life isn't her enemies but her friends.

Forced to work together, they see each other in a different light.  Once she has her protection, they return to Sunnydale.  How does this new understanding, and Buffy's protection from magic, change the rest of the season?

Summary: Season 4, post Something Blue.  What if there was a way to protect the Slayer from magic . . .
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