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Someway, somehow a similar spell is cast in S2 before Innocence that makes Spike and Buffy love each other.  Through the course of one night, Buffy and Spike try to consummate their love for each other, but no matter where they go, they get interrupted.  I would like to see a series of instances (demon attacks, unruly minions (both his and hers(scoobs), and past lovers) where the two are forced to rely on each other to succeed, allowing them both to see what it would be like to have an equal partner to watch their backs.

When they are set aright, they head to their respective corners to try and live their lives, however when Angel goes darkside, Buffy can't help but remember how soulless Spike loved and supported her, and when faced with Dru's infidelity Spike can't help but remember how loyal and complimentary Buffy was.

Partnering to take down Angelus becomes as easy as breathing for them, a reunion where they both finally feel whole.  Whether they continue their relationship there or part ways to get over their past loves and reunite in S4 is up to the author.

Summary: Season 2. Buffy sure has her hands full. She’s fighting off assassins from the Order of Taraka. She’s acclimating to Kendra and trying to figure out what a second Chosen One might mean for her future career in slaying. Not to mention, just as things are heating up with her brand new boyfriend, Spike and Drusilla kidnap Angel for a deadly ritual.
In the midst of all this craziness, Buffy has one shining excitement to hold onto: Spike proposed--and she said yes!
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