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Many years ago on a Yahoo fan site we played with challenges.  I was new to writing and this is the one given to me.  Basically 10 random items had to be in the story and that is the only "must have" elements.  Like I said, I was a fairly new writer and the story was not a masterpiece but I got the elements in (and I don't count my old story as an answer to this challenge!).  I'd love to see what others could do with the same 10 objects;

Any canon season is fine (so I selected all of them and the Ats crossover selection).  Any characters okay but, naturally must be Spuffy.

1)  tattoo of Hagalaz Rune
2)  snow globes
3)  A malfunctioning cherry picker
4)  snickerdoodle cookies, baked and eaten
5)  Bosch painting
6)  A mystical key (Not Dawn!)
7)  A broken martini glass
8)  A peacock feather
9)  A latin/English dictionary
10) Bunnies


I am sure many of our clever writers could turn out a really lovely fic from this group of odd requirements.

Summary: Ethan Rayne summons a force of chaos that leaves Sunnydale’s citizens, human and demon, reeling from the negative backlash. At first, no one realizes the events are different from regular Hellmouth activity. But what’s with all the snow globes? It’s almost Halloween, not Christmas…
AU S5. No Glory/Key. Spike does not kidnap the Initiative doctor and he doesn't have a sudden realization that he loves Buffy. Spike socializes with the Scoobies for lack of better options. Without his insistent, unwanted advances muddying the waters, Spike is just some jerky guy they know and hang out with sometimes. Because of this dynamic, Buffy and the others accept him much more easily. 
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