Tarot Cards (Author's Choice of Name) by Mia Vaan +15
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Found this while exploring tumblr. The middle card is my favourite for obvious reasons.

Lost hundreds of years ago, the Slayer’s tarot is an important artefact from Slayer history that came into existence after a group of women shared a vision of a rogue Slayer who would love a vampire, and who would be aided in her fight against evil by a group of mystical allies. The heretical prophecy led to the suppression of the deck by the Watcher’s Council.

Basically, write a story in which Buffy discovers these cards. 

Summary: Written for the April Challenge Event - Response to the Tarot Cards challenge and Christmas Carol challenge.
After Buffy stands up for Tara when her family tries to take her away, Tara shows her gratitude by offering Buffy a reading from a special Tarot deck she has had in her family for generations. Buffy chooses to focus on relationships, and Tara proposes a series of three-card (Past, Present, Future) readings over the course of three days, to evaluate three separate possible relationships.  After each reading, Buffy meditates on the cards, and learns additional information, as she tries to see whether or not her relationship with Riley will succeed, or if there is a chance with Angel.  She has no idea who she will consider for the third reading, but there's an annoying vampire who keeps insulting her and standing out under her tree every night...  A mix of Tarot and A Christmas Carol leading to an unexpectedly happy new relationship.
Complete at 5 chapters.
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Artists: Lmrln