Sleeping Spike (Author's Choice of Name) by Mia Vaan +19
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I've seen a lot of fics where Buffy is poisoned/cursed and doesn't wake up until Spike kisses her awake. 

How about instead, Spike is the one who's asleep?

The story must be set in season 5.

Spike falls under a sleeping curse that can only be broken if someone he truly loves romantically kisses him. The person doesn’t have to love him back.

There should be a revelation that if Spike couldn’t/didn’t love anyone then the curse would have killed him instantly, which stops Buffy from claiming that Spike can’t love.

Bonus points if Angel and/or Riley get hit by the curse and die. 

The gang should try and track down Drusilla in order for her to wake him up. If she shows up, then she tells them that Spike doesn’t love her in that way anymore and kisses him to prove it.

Somehow, the gang figuring out that Buffy needs to kiss Spike. Buffy kisses Spike to prove that he doesn’t love her – and he wakes up.

Willow or Tara could also get hit by the curse and one kisses the other awake.

Would be great if Dawn suggests that she or Joyce could kiss Spike awake before it’s revealed that it has to be someone who Spike loves romantically.

After the kiss, Buffy shouldn't immediately jump into a relationship with Spike.

Summary: What happens when Spike is cursed to an eternal sleep unless his true love happens to break the spell? How will the scoobies deal with knowing their resedent vampire can love, and everything they have been taught may not be true. How will Buffy react to the truth? 
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Summary: Snow White with a Spuffy twist. Angel's obsession with a magic mirror causes him to forget about helping Buffy with Glory, leaving it up to certain bleach blonde vampire to save the day. Then, when Spike falls into sleep caused by a vengeance wish, it's up to Buffy to return the favor.
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