Buffy in Our World (Author's Choice of Name) by Mia Vaan +19
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An amusing idea; what if Buffy somehow was transported to our world?

Better yet; what if she ended up in the house of a Spuffy fan?

She jumps into Glory’s portal and ends up in the fan’s house. Her body still exists in her world.

The fan becomes adamant to make Buffy see that Spike is her perfect match. At first Buffy refuses to see it, but then the fan makes her watch different episodes and makes her read analyses of those episodes. From an outsider’s POV, Buffy is able to pick up on things that she didn’t see before: Riley’s behaviour, the pushy-ness of her friends, what everyone’s been keeping from her, etc.

The fan also shows her episodes of Angel, including the day he took back (Buffy and the fan bond over yelling at the screen), all the bad stuff Angel did both in the past and future, etc. The fan also shows Buffy various articles on stalking and essays on what Romeo and Juliet is really about.

Bonus points if the fan shows her Twilight (seriously, Edward is like a blown up version of Angel).

The fan also shows Buffy what will happen in seasons 6 & 7. Optional whether or not the comics are included.

So, when Buffy is brought back to her own world by Willow, she isn’t depressed and is ready to fix things. Would like it if the spell to bring her back was different (Buffy wasn’t technically dead, so it’s not a resurrection spell but a transportation one) so there’s no First Evil. 

Summary: When Buffy falls into Glory's portal, she ends up in the last place she expected: a world where her life is a TV show that has fans who love her. When she ends up in a living room filled with these fans, she learns what her real gift is. But going back to Sunnydale is only the beginning.
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Published: August 07, 2015 Updated: June 27, 2016