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Air Force brat but lived most my life in/near Portland, Oregon.    

Came to Buffy late -- had seen a few eps over the years but didn't start watching in earnest until early 2012.  Before the 2012 fandom, I had already preferred Spike over all other characters, I just didn't know him that well yet.  A Doctor Who/Torchwood fan, I had seen JM's turn on Torchwood and loved him there (God, I love an id character!), then solidified that love when I got hooked on BtVS.

I'm married to a man (since 1999) who has so many qualities in common with JM & Spike, it's no wonder I got hooked.  Luckily, he's not quite as jealous as James, so he's been amenable to going with me to meet James a number of times.

And now we're a part of a great group of friends from around the world who are fans of James and his band Ghost of the Robot; we mostly meet on Facebook, but sometimes get to meet in person, and they are ALL glorious people (some of whom I see lurking and contributing here). A highlight was getting to hang with a bunch of these fine fans, as well as James and the Ghosties (well, Sullivan and Charlie), for a whole week on the Comic Con at Sea cruise in 2015. My latest totally-uncool-to-do brag is that I've been meeting James often enough that he's trying to learn my name. At two different conventions in the past year he's greeted my by name without prompting (day 3 of these cons, so I know he worked on it, but still... Yes, I totally internally squee about it. Sue me.) 


I dream about writing, but I'm pretty sure I'll suck at it, especially with plot and dialogue. Those elements aren't important, are they? ;-)  I am a decent editor, however: I can tighten up someone else's writing, and am especially strong on mechanics, so if spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, or vocabulary/word use are not your strong suits, I may be the beta for you. I'm in awe of the many fantastic writers creating amazing stories on these fanfic sites.

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