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So. How did I find Buffy? By the purest of accidents when I was a kid. I was running through the channels and I spotted the title 'Vampire Slayer.' Bare in mind at that point in life vampires were the most terrifying thing so to hear there's something that can kill them? Automatically scarier.

Of course after that I could never find it again until my parents clued me into it a few years later and boy did I make a lot of odd preconceptions. It must have been the first run through of Season 2 because I clearly remember thinking Kendra was Buffy. I dunno I was five at the time and all I could remember was this experienced Jamaican chick kicking ass with a lot less capable acting blonde helping her out. Felt weird at first knowing how wrong I got it.

But then I fell in love with the series proper, many episodes passed, along with many years and now here I am.

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