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Hello fellow Spuffy'ers I'm Amber (Amber611 on here, Spuffy Realm, AO3,, & LJ). I’m just a lady that’s a fellow major BtVS fan from Florida, USA. :) I absolutely LOVE Fan Fiction ever since I discovered it back in 2007! Plus with being very ill and pretty much bedridden/stuck at home for over the past decade, reading fan fiction is pretty much my saving grace in keeping me entertained. :D So a shout out of HUGE Thanks to All the Spuffy authors that I’ve read, since with my severe breathing difficulties and being very sick, I’m unfortunately rarely able to comment like I want to!:) 

I’ve loved/became interested in Buffy since I saw the movie as a kid in 1992, and again when I watched the first Buffy TV episode air live in 1997 at almost 13yrs old! I started watching it regularly in the 3rd Season, got hooked in Season 4, and became a fanatic in Season 5!! It was my #1 All Time Favorite TV show for over 15 years, and currently is #2 (being beat by Stranger Things)!!! :) Though honestly at times it feels like BtVS, and Stranger Things are tied for my favorite lol! :D 

I of course LOVE Spuffy, they've been my #1 Favorite Ship/Couple since 2001! :) I had always loved Spike since “School Hard” in Season 2, and was never really much of a Bangel fan. So I became really interested in Spuffy during "Something Blue", and then hooked on them ever since the Buffy/Faith body switch in “Who Are You”, when Faith as Buffy was flirting with Spike. :) Basically rooting for Spuffy (& Spike) during all of Season 5 (and beyond!)!! So I've been a BtVS, Spike, and Spuffy lover/fanatic for over 27 years now!!! :D        

My Favorite Fandoms/Ships: Buffy/Spike (Spuffy); Mike/Eleven aka El aka Jane (Mileven) from Stranger Things; Emma Swan/Killian Jones aka Captain Hook (Captain Swan) from Once Upon A Time/OUAT; Harry/Hermione (H/Hr or Harmony) from Harry Potter; Rory/Jess (Literary) from Gilmore Girls; Chloe/Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (Chlollie) from Smallville; Elizabeth/Darcy from Pride & Prejudice; Lady Mary/Matthew from Downton Abbey; Hermione/Draco (Dramione) from Harry Potter; Dean/Jo from Supernatural, and Kara/Mon-El (Karamel) from SuperGirl. :)

Last but not least once again I want to give a HUGE Thank You to ALL of the Fan Fic Authors on here, who give me and others, such Amazing Spuffy stories to read!! :D Bless all of you for continuing to feed my/our Spuffy love!!! :)

Take Care, Amber :)

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