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It was Halloween season in 2017 when I started watching btvs.

Halloween season is always the time when I wrap myself in a blanket and enjoy watching new and my favorite movies as well as series. A mutual recommended buffy to me (halloween, time of demons, witches etc). I instantly fell in love with it. Then season 2 came around with Spike, crashing into the sunnydale sign with his desoto. I was completely sold then.

I am a huge spuffy fan now after all the show and comic material (am I the only one that thinks that the btvs comics should have ended after season 11? I mean, it was pretty sweet and endearing.)

Now I am here, reading spuffy fanfics to indulge even more in my new favorite thing haha. It‘s better than comfort food after a stressful day. That‘s only thanks to you writers, that provide with amazing content.

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