Drabble Clarifications

Hey, gang! The Mod Team is so thrilled at how enthusiastic you’ve already responded to the prompts. You’ve come up with ideas and questions beyond what we could have imagined, and we want to answer a few of those questions here. 

The main thing we need to clarify is the prompts themselves:

There was a little debate about this (and individual Mods may have given differing answers at different times, so apologies) but we all came together to agree that it’s the spirit of a prompt that matters, more so than semantics and technicalities. 

What this boils down to is, if a prompt sparks your imagination, we’re now allowing more wiggle room on being liberal in execution. 

Example: The Faith and Oz squares were intended as character prompts, BUT if you instead want to go for the other definition of faith and have a character exploring a belief structure? That works. If you want to send your characters to the Land of Oz rather than throw in a randomly appearing Daniel Osbourne? That’s fine too!

And if you do decide to go for the character definition, said character does not technically need to be in the drabble, so long as they are intrinsic to it. In other words, someone could be dreaming about that character, or recalling a memory of them. If someone is just talking about them, it needs to be a smidgen more than a two-second reference. Make the mention of them significant. 

What exactly does it mean to be intrinsic or significant? If you were to take out your reference to the character, and the rest of the drabble no longer makes sense, congrats, you’ve made that character significant enough to be intrinsic to the fic working!

For the diary prompt, you could write a diary entry. It does not need to include the word diary.

In the case of the prompt about Buffy complimenting “Spike’s blue shirt,” you could take this as a reference to the blue shirt he wore that one time in Season Seven, or you could have him wear a blue shirt––any blue shirt––at any time or place, and have Buffy compliment it to count.  

For the prompts that consist of a dialogue line, there is now also some wiggle room. E.g. you could have “Oh, bugger,” said Buffy. Or “Oh,” said Buffy. “Bugger!” 

Your fic does not need to be marked as complete by the end of the event (on July 31st). Whatever award you get will depend on whichever level (bronze, silver, or gold) you’d hit by that deadline, but you are free to carry on posting after the event end.

If you're writing a story that has multiple parts/chapters, it needs to follow site rules regarding Spuffy prominence––i.e. it doesn't need to be in each individual chapter, just the fic overall. But if each drabble is self-contained, they must individually follow the Spuffy prominence rule.

If you want your drabbles to form a narrative, and you’ve picked out five prompts to go for silver, but need to add more chapters to make everything work, you can include “filler drabbles” that follow your own, self-selected prompts, in between drabbles that match event prompts. Just clearly label which is which!

Similarly, when using Wild Card prompts, please label them as such. 

Are your drabbles self-contained and not part of a narrative, but you want to post them as “chapters” of a single fic anyway? That’s fine. (Doing so actually makes it easier for us to track, as a Mod Team.)

A couple of people have asked if you can share copies of the drabble board literally showing which squares you’ve ticked off, and yes, you can. Either do this in your story notes or include the screenshot as part of your banner––but do not make it your entire banner, and keep to the recommended banner dimensions. 

That’s all of the questions we can think to answer right now, but if (when) you have more, we’ll likely come back and update this post.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on July 01, 2023 01:48pm 12 Comments

Thanks for this clarification post. Could you explain what the Wild Card prompts are for. Are there a list to choose from or is it basically a make up your own prompt here?

-- EvelynneHancock on July 01, 2023 03:34pm

@EvelynneHancock: for 'Wild Card' either come up with your own prompt or select a pre-existing prompt you're not already doing. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 01, 2023 03:40pm

@EllieRose101: When you say pre-existing prompt, does that refer or include any of the other squares on the gameboards? For instance, could I make a line straight down the middle of the first board and as the Wild Card space, use another prompt from the same or different board?

-- EvelynneHancock on July 01, 2023 04:04pm

Yes! Just make sure you label it, to make clear that's what you've done :) 

-- EllieRose101 on July 01, 2023 06:23pm

Awesome! Thanks!

-- EvelynneHancock on July 01, 2023 07:40pm

For Artwork - can each square have its individual image size or do all images have to conform to normal EF banner size?

-- nmcil on July 02, 2023 10:05am

@nmcil: banner size restrictions only apply to banners. Make other artwork whatever size you want! 

-- EllieRose101 on July 02, 2023 02:38pm

For a drabble fix what is considered a drabble and what is the word count?


-- Spuffyfangirl28 on July 02, 2023 11:50pm

@Spuffyfangirl28: Elysian Fields defines drabbles as any story that's under 1,000 words. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 03, 2023 02:03am

This might be a little late in the day, but if I'm writing a chaptered fic of drabbles, does each chapter need to be a standalone piece (Ie doesn't matter what order you read it)? 

-- Geliot99 on July 23, 2023 09:06am

When does it end or does it continue on into the next month because I like to finish the board 

-- Spuffyfangirl28 on July 30, 2023 04:44pm

Guys, I am sorry I missed a couple of questions here. Mods do not actually get notified when members reply to these posts, and with this one being a few weeks old, I had stopped regularly checking it. My bad! 


Geliot99: The answer to your question was no, drabbles did not necessarily need to be standalone or in any particular order other than the one you put them in yourself. 

Spuffyfangirl28: the official event has ended, but you can keep writing drabbles. By all means keep updating your stories if they are not done, but only the drabbles that were posted by midnight on July 31st will be counted towards awards. 

-- EllieRose101 on August 01, 2023 10:26am