Finishing Months Check-In

Inexplicably, January and February are gone and March is upon us. As such, we are now two thirds of the way through Finishing Months. 

At the time of writing this post, eight stories have been marked complete, by a total of six participating authors––two silver award winners and four bronze. Meanwhile, seventeen members have so far earned themselves a commenter award for this event.

If you’re still hoping to claim an award, this is your reminder that you have ONE MONTH left to take part, and that we won’t be running Finishing Months again in 2024. 

If you’re ineligible to take part in Finishing Months, or have already finished taking part, look out for our event announcement for April, coming soon!

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on February 28, 2023 12:04pm 0 Comments