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In Dead Things (Season 6, Episode 13) there’s a scene in which Buffy goes to Spike’s crypt and they can sense each other through the door, but she turns away without actually going in. Then the whole mess with the Trio and Katrina’s dead body happens.

WHAT IF Buffy had actually given in to the urge to see Spike, and while they were occupied the Trio had gotten caught waiting around with a dead body, and were arrested? There would be no Buffy beating up Spike and leaving him in that alley scene, for one thing, but what knock-on effect could this have had for the rest of the season?


Can’t Have: Seeing Red/The Bathroom Scene

Must Have: Spuffy Happy Ever After

Optional: Spike getting his soul


hand in hand, and heart to heart— buffy and spike find room to breathe amidst the events of “dead things.” and, in doing so, they find solace within each other.


A 2022 Elysian Fields Secret Santa Event gift fic for Holly— and a bonus birthday gift fic too!

Categories: Season 6, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
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Challenges: Buffy Gives In/The Trio are Thwarted
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