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Grew up in fandom, drifted away, came back with a vengeance in my 30s and am currently in the middle of a series rewatch. My love for Buffy and Spike has changed shape over the years but, if anything, has deepened with time. I was a goner the moment I watched Spike step over the threshold in "The Gift" back in 2001. They are my favorite everything and I will be obsessed with them until I die, basically.

I apparently created my EF account over a decade ago (...I have no memory of this but am 99% sure it was so that I could read West of the Moon), but didn't start actively using it until 2022. I work as a research analyst and a professional editor, but have always been more of a fic reader than a writer, though that might change one day. Happy to beta read and cheer on all of the wonderful writers here.

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