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I enjoy reading fanfiction, especially Spuffy, but I've only recently started writing my own. I have written and won awards in the real world, but fanfiction is a whole new genre, so please bear with me! I love reviews, too. They feed my ego, and as a young, fresh author, that is very much appreciated.
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Summary: The last thing Spike remembers is going down in the Hellmouth, but when he comes back in front of the Powers That Be, he knows that life isn't over. The Powers have plans for everyone's favorite champions. Unfortunately, those champions can never seem to get back on the right track, and the Powers have to pull out all the stops to make sure that they go in the right direction.
Categories: Claim, Baby Fic, Post-Series
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Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Blood Play, Sexual Situations
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Published: August 30, 2007 Updated: June 10, 2011