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50-something y/o native Floridian female, late bloomer to BtVS/AtS. I didn't really discover Buffy til in reruns twice a day on F/X while laid up non-weight bearing on a shattered foot for 6 months. I rapidly became an TOTAL addict. I started reading fanfic using the browser on my cell phone while waiting in a doctor's waiting room...I remembered in HS there were mimeographed, etc Star Trek fanfic, usually *for sale(!)*, (& much later [am I tremendously dating myself?] Beauty & the Beast fic booklets at cons [$25/a pop!]. so, I discovered Buffy fic, and rapidly fell into a love for Spuffy things. I can tolerate (don't hit me!) some Spuffle, and will take hefty doses of twinfic, etc.

Was "widowed" after a 19 yr het relationship. Am a former nurse, BA history major, was assistant to the English/Communications Dept in college, TA-ing. I love animals, mostly birds/parrots, and raised/bred them for years. Now only have 1 cat, & 9 birds (1 Military Macaw, 1 Quaker parrot, 4 Cockatiels, 2 English Budgies, & 1 female Blue Indian Ringnecked Parakeet/(parrot). I've also raised Sheep, Goats, & all manner of Game & barnyard fowl.

I like historic and time travel pieces, baby-fic, & Claim-fic: as I said, a history buff. I sometimes re-enact various eras as a hobby, plus construct costumes/clothing for same. I also studied bellydance (Raks Sharki, etc) for years, a great hobby/workout for us gals. (Part of how I came to Buffy-land---at class, the gals would all be yakking about what happened on Buffy or Angel that week... & finally checked out Angel initially, but I finally decided to check out Buffy when I shattered my foot...figured I'd look into exactly what those gals were so into, & who/what exactly was a "Spike"?

Have dabbled beta-ing a few times. 

Hope this isn't TMI, and thanks for letting me sign in...




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