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Summary: A possessed toy, aided by Drusilla, and a deceptive younger sister sneaking to the Halloween Midnight Monster Mash celebration at the annual Renaissance Faire, steers Season Six quickly onto a new path. As Willow erases their memories while Sweet prompts a chaotic musical, Buffy and Spike bond in their own little bubble. One road trip later, Spike and Buffy may just find their happily ever after. 
Sequel to follow.
Edited Summary and upped rating to reflect story changes 7/21/24
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Artists: Harmony99
Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality, Challenge Response, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Giles, Willow, Xander, Angel, Dawn, Drusilla, Original Characters, Tara
Genres: Fix-It, HEA/HFN, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death, Mental Health Issues, Sexual Situations
Event: Mystery Month 2024
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Word count: 39,405 Hit Count: 540 ePub Downloads: 6
Published: July 07, 2024 Updated: July 21, 2024