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Buffy was my first ever fandom. I started watching it 15 years ago in a really weird way. A friend of mine told me (lied) that Claire Kramer was her step mother and said I should watch the show she was in. So I borrowed the season 5 box set from another friend and started there, loved it, and watched through the end of the show before looping back to season 1 and starting from the beginning. Once I’d seen all of it, the show proceeded to take over my life for about three solid years. I used to be able to do a thing where if someone gave me a number between 1 and 7, and a number between 1 and 22, then I could respond with the title and summary of the corresponding episode. 

It was also the first show I ever saw with queer main characters, which is another reason I latched on so strongly. Spike didn’t make me bi (I managed that on my own), but he did make me a goth queer. 

I eventually moved on to other fandoms and interests and didn’t really think about Buffy until a few months ago when resignedlybeneaththesky started posting about it on tumblr. I got sucked back in and now I’m fully back on my BtVS and Spuffy bullshit. 

I don’t write fic anymore, but I offer my services as a beta and a banner artist!


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