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I am a language fanatic. Putting ideas, errant commas, or dangling modifiers into their rightful place is almost as satisfying as good dark chocolate. I love stories, but most stories need polished to shine. I don't write myself, so now I've harnessed the power of language to help others find their voice, and deliver their message cohesively. 

I was the kid who spent recess reading a book, who stayed up all night reading with a flashlight under the covers. What started as a love of stories at an early age, developed into a love of language as an adult. With over 10 years of experience editing in a variety of professional settings, I have grown to love helping others convey their ideas.

If not working, I'm most likely exploring the beautiful American wilderness, in a cuddle puddle with my two cat babies and husband, swooning over Spike in all of his lovely iterations here on EF, or any combo of the above.

I am relatively new to BtVS, having only discovered the series last fall. I'm very new to fanfic, this is the first community I've ever been a part of (and I'm starting to suspect I'm very spoiled by how wonderful everyone here is). Yet, now that I'm working full time in marketing, I've been missing working with fiction. Beta'ing for the talented writers here on EF fuels my passion for wordsmithing while satiating my Spuffy cravings. It's really the best of both worlds. Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a new beta, let's see if it's a fit.  

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