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Hi I'm Nicole and I'm from Australia.

I've been a Buffy fan since I was eleven, but sadly in my foolish youth (and the fact that I never got around to watching past the start of season 5, madness I know!) I was a Bangel supporter. The shame, oh, the terrible shame...

I always had a soft spot for Spike, though.

Fifteen-ish years, and a nostalgic Buffy marathon later, age brought me wisdom, and wisdom brought me to the gloriously romantic wonder that is Spuffy...

Well, wisdom, my hopeless sap streak, and Spike's hair... and cheek bones... and abs...


I'm also a sucker for fanfiction so Elysian Fields is like the mother-ship for me!

I'm not a writer (well, not right now anyway) but I am an obsessive reader, a newly devoted reviewer and occasional lurker.

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