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Summary: Post Older And Far Away. After the incident with Halfrek, Buffy and Dawn try to be real sisters as they should be. Buffy tries to be a functioning human as she should be. Spike wonders what he should be. Dawn gets a glimpse of the dangerous things she could be. As Buffy is reunited with her old flame, and a perplexing mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that nobody can be as they were.
Episode re-write of As You Were, sort of. Response to Mia Vaan's challenge, "Riley isn't married", kind of. Written for the 2017 EF Reunion Challenge, definitely.
Categories: Season 6, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Riley Finn, Spike
Genres: None
Warnings: Buffy/Other (Temp)
Challenges: Riley isn't Married (Author's Choice of Name)
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Word count: 1,617 Hit Count: 346 ePub Downloads: 8
Published: November 11, 2017 Updated: November 11, 2017