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RESPICE FINEM (Reh-Spee-Kh Fee-Nm) is from my personal surname on my family crest, coat of arms motto. Its latin translate is "Regard the end" or "Look to the End".

My writing inspiration is the published author Jim Butcher with his novels "The Dresden Files". Which is how I got into Buffy in the first place, because the reader for the audiobooks is none other than James Marsters himself, with his awesome american accent too. 

My life activites outside of reading is participating in a Historical European Martial Arts Longsword (that is NOT part of HEMA). I practice under Meyer Longsword (if you're curious about which system I study). We mix it up with other martial arts like dagger fighting, polearm, axe, stick, staff, rapier, dussack, and different forms of wrestling and judo and boxing. We do it all, baby.  Read


 Do you want to know what order the comics go in? This lists the best detail anywhere on what order to read the Buffy/Angel/Spike comics (both canon & non-canon) and how they're linked to the shows. -->  Buffy Viewing/Reading Order

Below are Spike tie-in canon comics to the Buffy-verse, but are not part of the mainline Buffy/Angel season stories. **I have placed them in chronological order to the buffy/Angel-verse. So read from top to bottom... These comics below I have personally purchased and I'm willfully sharing with fellow Spuffy fans on Elysian Fields only. I make no profit off this endevor. They're viewable JPEGS in a private folder in my Google Drive thru the link only. I tested it, so for best results, select your browser to Full Screen, and Enjoy!

*heart* 20-page Spike & Dru "The Problem With Vampires" comic --> (Written by Joss Whedon. Takes place in Prague just before the start of BtVS Season 1, and tells the story of How Dru became 'sick' from the mob, and Spike's actions to save her.) Spike & Dru "The Problem With Vampires"

*heart*  69-Page Spike "Into The Light" comic --> (Written by James Marsters himself, with oversight given by Joss Whedon. Takes place just before Spike returns to Sunnydale with his new soul into Season7 of Buffy [Though many would say it takes place somewhere in S7, it makes more sense when it's just before]. He is making a pitstop in Greenville California, which is several hours on the north end of the state from Sunnydale. Since he hasn't been snared/lured by the first evil yet, he hasn't been corrupted into crazy-town like we see at the end of Season7 episode1.)  Spike "Into The Light"

*heart*  51-page Spike "Old Times" Comic --> (Takes place in Angel Season5 after episode8 "Destiny", but before Episode 14 "Smile Time". Note of contention: Halfrek was shown killed by D'Hoffryn in Buffy Season7 "Selfless", so her appearence now is suspicious. Also, Spike probably wasn't told about her death since they never discussed their past connection in front of anyone. I like to speculate since D'Hoffryn is described as a magic politician in Season10 that he may have faked Halkfrek's death to manipulate Anya. Otherwise, the rest of the comic still works in-canon.) Spike "Old Times"

*heart*  5 Issues (24 pages each) Spike "Asylum" Comic ---> (Takes place in Angel Season5 after episode8 "Destiny", but before Episode 14 "Smile Time", and can occur before or after "Spike -Old Times". This is my personal favorite of the Spike comic line, and what I use for my own fanfic "My Best Enemy" below.) Spike "Asylum"

*heart*  4 Issues (24 pages each) Spike "Shadow Puppets" Comic --> (Takes place in Angel Season5 after Episode16 "shells", and 4 months after "Spike Asylum".) Spike "Shadow Puppets"

*heart*  6 Issues (24-31 pages each) Spike (& Angel) "After The Fall" Comics --> (Co-written by Joss Whedon, this was to be Angel's Season6 if they continued on TV. Takes place some days after the end of Angel Season5. I included the first and last issues of Angel's After The Fall story to cap Spike's own story, since it takes place just before Angel's issue#2 and covers the basics of what's going on before and after. Please read the issues as I marked them: "Angel 01, Spike 02, Spike 03, etc." Also, if you're wondering why I'm not including Angel's After The Fall issues 2-16 is's angel-centric. Even if Spike takes part in it, I just didn't include them. One more thing: The best line is in the last issue between Spike & Angel which is - "...No one's gonna see you coming.". When you get there, you'll know why I like that conversation, very important!)  Spike (& Angel) "After The Fall"

*heart*  8 Issues (24-30 pages each) "Spike" comics ---> (Takes place in Buffy Season 8, just after issue #4's events - as Willow makes an appearence and is wearing the matching outfit in #4's scenes. This collection is where Spike gets his space-bugship that appears by the end of Buffy S8 issue #35.) "Spike" (Does Vegas)

*heart*  Free 10-Page Spike Comic from Dark Horse comics online--> (This takes place immediately after Spike leaves the scene at the end of Season 8 battle... Quick end recap for those who haven't read S8: Angel is possessed by a powerful force. Spike pisses possessed Angel off, and Angel grabs Spike by the neck and flies -yes, flies- straight up into the rising dawn sun. Angels' possession keeps him safe, but Spike nearly dusts before his new bug crew swoops in to save him. Severely burnt, Spike takes on the remaining big demons in the battle, and sees one escaping to space. His bugs takes his order to chase it down into space...)  Spike "Magical Mystery Tour"

*heart*  Free 10-page Buffy/Spike Comic from Dark Horse comics online--> (This takes place somewhere in the beginning of Season 9, about 3 months into Buffy's new job as a coffeehouse waitress...) Buffy/Spike "In Space No One Can Hear You Slay"

*heart*  5 Issues (24-29 pages each) Spike "A Dark Place" Comics --> (Takes place after Buffy Season9 #10. Quick recap from the preceding Buffy S9 comics: Buffy was unknowingly a robot for a bit and thought her lack of menstrual cycle and sickness was due to an unwanted pregnancy. She asked for Spike's help and boarded his bug-ship temporarily until she worked out her false-positive pregnancy issue. This set of Spike comics is him giving himself space after that disillusionment. The final page of the story shows Angel calling Spike for help, which in about a day or two later Spike arrives in London at the end of Angel&Faith Season9 #18.) Spike "A Dark Place"

*heart* Free 8-page Buffy "Where Are They Now?" Dark Horse Day Sampler Online --> (Takes place after Season 10 Issue #18 but before Issue #24, which spans several months.) Buffy "Where Are They Now"

*heart*  Special Bonus -->  Buffy S10

*heart*  Special Bonus -->  Buffy S11

If you enjoyed reading the comics I personally set up for you here, please consider purchasing from the creators/artists/publishers by going to Dark Horse comics online. I understand the comic might be unavailable in certain places or cost too much, so I wanted to share the love of our Buffy-verse in this special group. So, support your series when you can! 



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Summary: Spike comes home to his chosen family. 
Takes place 1 hour after Season 10 Issue #19 "Freaky Giles Day". You need not have read the comics to enjoy this one-shot. Short & mild references to events in Season 9 too.
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Published: October 08, 2015 Updated: October 09, 2015
Summary: The Scoobies of San Francisco need a break, and they seek it by way of relaxing at a downtown club together, dancing the night away. 
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Published: September 02, 2015 Updated: September 02, 2015
Summary: Two enemies locked together by chance. An adventure that tests their long-held beliefs, and sets them on a path to uniting forces greater than themselves. Can these two headstrong enemies learn to work together and survive, or will they fall to beings who want them dead? [eventual SxB/Spuffy]
Categories: Season 4, Comic (Season Not Specified)
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