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I am a big fan of Buffyverse characters because very rarely is any one of them  one-dimensional (aside from Riley, but who counts him anyway?). I guess that's due to the genius of JW (I am a fan of all his projects), as well as the incredible talent of the actors who brought them to life. 

My favourite characters in BtVS are (in that order): Spike, Anya, Tara, Joyce. I also like pre-S5 Willow. Riley and post-S4 Giles and Xander are my least favorites, and I seriously dislike Kennedy and the Nerd Trio (maybe not Jonathan). And I could write essays, no entire thick books, on all the reasons I hate Angel for. Buffy... It's a love/hate relationship for me. Obviously, I am a Spuffy fan, but quite often I have this urge to just slap her and tell to grow the hell up (same for all Scoobies, actually). 

My favourite characters in AtSV are Cordelia and Wesley, hands down. I also have a soft spot for Lilah and Lindsey, and seriously ship Wes/Lilah pairing. Now Angel - it's complicated. Again, loathed him in BtVS but kind of like him in AtSV. At least, when he's not busy screwing with his friends' lives and memories, or doing idiotic things for the 'greater good', or being a total arse. And I'm a die hard Cangel fan. It's my favourite Buffyverse pairing along with Spuffy. 

I love all types of Spuffy stories, as long as the characters are recognizable, and not complete Strangers with familiar names. The only ones I dislike are All Human (although I've read some incredible ones, I do strongly believe Spike and Buffy being a vampire and a slayer is what shaped them into what they were. Take that, and you have a guy and a girl with their names), and the fics where authors somehow make you feel Buffy settled for Spike for whatever reasons, while secretly pining after the 'forever love' she can't have (otherwise known as The Poofter), or the normal life she wanted.  

And I just have to say - the talent of some of the authors here astounds me. More often than not, I find myself unable to put down my Pad until I have read the last word of a fic, no matter how long it is. 


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