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I'm part of the Netflix-era of Buffy, and a decade late, Buffy has become my personal lord and savior and the sun around which my solar system revolves. Buffy was one of the best watching experiences I had ever had, because since I hardly knew anyone who watched it, I had almost no spoilers, so everything came a complete shock to me.

When I first watched that dream scene in Out of My Mind where Spike confessed to being in love with Buffy, I was so shocked and upset I stopped watching for a month. And then, when I went back to watching it at my Tita's insistence, it was the only thing I could properly think about, and I was constantly at war with myself. I kept finding things he did adorbable and then thinking he was such an insane bastard, and swore off liking him ever, really that time.. BUT I COULD NOT. I FINALLY ADMITTED TO MYSELF HE WAS MY NUMBER ONE, and Spuffy... I can't even ... there are no words ... Now, it's my queen otp.

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