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Spike's love confession dream way back in Season Five broke me. BROKE. ME. Fearing that they would never actually get together onscreen, I had no choice but to turn to fanfiction for sweet relief. That's when the madness set in. For too many years, the when, where and how of Spike and Buffy's hypothetical (and televised) sex life ruled my brain. This body of work is all I have to show for it. *sob*

I dropped out of the fandom in '04 when RL got overly demanding, but the siren song of hot, sweet Spuffy love was too tempting to ignore, so, here I am again. Yay?

If you've read everything here and you STILL want more (bless your smutty heart), every fic I've ever finished (including my super-taboo human AU Older and the S/B/F PWP One Two Three, along with other pairings and some genfic) is archived at New stuff is always posted first at my LJ community (for members only), NautiFic. (Over 3000 members strong now! WTFIDK.)

This just in (April '09): Crave, an all-human AU that casts Spike as Buffy's diabolical (or IS HE?) billionaire father-in-law, is back in swing at my lj community: "OMG the hotness!! Spike is rude, relentless and ruthless and Buffy is sweet, feisty and sailing on denial. Bring them together and PA-POW! ...Definitely a naughty!kink! fic that won't disappoint." - Indigo Crypt Awards (You must have a livejournal account and join my community to read it. There is no approval process -- all are welcome!)

Also exclusive to my comm: Random bits of Crash and Burn II. (Only one so far, but I plan to add more!)

(Looking for my email address? It's here.)

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Comments by NautiBitz
Summary: Buffy teaches senior English at Sunnydale High. Spike is her problem student, and the problem is they’re strongly attracted to each other. When her resolve finally cracks, what then?
Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Taboo
Completed: Yes Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
Word count: 13,025 Hit Count: 4,579 ePub Downloads: 83
Published: April 10, 2009 Updated: April 17, 2009
NautiBitz commented on Chapter 3: Great. Now what? on April 21, 2009 Liked

“Yeah, got it. ‘At some point’. Just not now, okay? Still dark, still here, still want you.”

GUH. This is fantastic, woman! I am crazy in love with realistic 17 year old Spike, and your writing. In fact I'm totally cougaring on both of you right now. You know, this is actually the first time I've believed the older Buffy/younger Spike scenario, not to mention found it smokin' hot. Nice job mz. manu!

Author's Response: Ack! Fangirl moment! ::hyperventilates:: Thank you so much!

NautiBitz commented on Chapter 7: Final Exam. on April 21, 2009 Liked


I promise to give you more thoughtful praise later. Just, you did everything right. :)

Author's Response: Oh yes, please! To quote a favorite fanfic author of mine: I can has MOAR comments, plz??