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Summary: Fang Fetish 2 SparkAndBurn An accidental wish makes Buffy switch places with her future self
Winner of Best Alternate Reality and nominated for Best Sex at the Fang Fetish Awards! Thank you to all the mods and all those who nominated and voted for me!
Nominated in several categories at the Spark and Burn Awards!
Categories: Alternate Reality, Time Travel, Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Genres: Porn w/ Plot, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Completed: Yes Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Word count: 28,330 Hit Count: 24,831 ePub Downloads: 661
Published: November 27, 2007 Updated: November 28, 2007
13Lilies commented on Chapter 6: Chapter 6 on January 06, 2016

Of all your stories, this is my favorite. It is wonderrful.

Author's Response on January 09, 2016 04:02am

Oh, thank you! It was my first real story, with an honest to goodness plot, and I’m so glad it still holds up! :)

Summary: Season four story starting with a re-write of "Harsh Light of Day". Harmony is fed up with Spike's obsession over the Slayer. With the help of another vampire, Harmony casts a spell that will change the course of events and does exactly the opposite of what Harmony was hoping for. Spells, the Initiative and other problems plague our heroes as they fight an attraction that can't be denied.
Categories: Season 4
Characters: None
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Word count: 102,034 Hit Count: 45,139 ePub Downloads: 535
Published: May 14, 2008 Updated: September 29, 2008
13Lilies commented on Chapter 32: Epilogue on November 25, 2015

I think this is my favorite Spuffy story ever. The progression of their feelings is very natural; nothing feels forced. Also poophead Angel doesn't end up destroying the Gem of Amara. I always despised the fact that later in the series Spike couldn't have the gem back, but it worked out great in this story. Also a beliveable baby plotline...this story is perfect. Thank you for writing it and sharing it.

Author's Response on November 26, 2015 01:27pm

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you for the review.  It means a lot to me to know people are still reading and enjoying.

Summary: A 2011 version of Buffy and an 1880 William Pratt. After an ocean voyage and a trip to NYC, they head off across the Wild West. Mobs, cowboys, sea captains and vampires. Also a few real historical protagonists are involved, who may or may not be Buffalo Bill and Queen Victoria. No spoilers.

This is a sequel to “Yours, William,” but it would make sense as a stand-alone.  

Winner of Best AU at the Sunny-D Awards, Round 25. Won Round 26 for Best Drama, Best Original Character, Best Original Character Pairing, Best Unfinished. (Thanks bunches!! Virtual lemon ices to all!!)

Categories: Alternate Reality, Time Travel, Historical
Characters: Buffy, Spike, William
Genres: Angst, Drama, Historical
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Completed: Yes Chapters: 40 Table of Contents
Word count: 162,300 Hit Count: 26,509 ePub Downloads: 491
Published: September 13, 2011 Updated: August 24, 2012
13Lilies commented on Chapter 8: Chapter 8 on September 29, 2020 Liked

 Don't get me wrong, this is a very interesting story, but I have to say you cooments at the end of the chapters are my favorite. 

Author's Response on March 14, 2021 08:11pm

AW, thanks so much!


13Lilies commented on Chapter 31: Chapter 31 on September 30, 2020 Liked

Oscar Wilde? Squeee! What a font of sarcasm to draw from. Can't wait to see what you write next. 

Author's Response on March 14, 2021 08:11pm

He is so easy to love!

Summary: Ever wonder what would have happened if Spike hadn't lost the Gem of Amarra to Buffy?  If he'd won that fight instead?  Warning, this story starts out very dark.  Evil vampire, after all.
WINNER at the SunnyD Awards Round 27 for Best Angst, Runner-Up for Best NC-17 and Best Conventional Pairing. THANK YOU to all who voted!
Categories: Award Runners-Up, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Alternate Reality, Award Winners
Characters: Ensemble
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Adult Language, Attempted Rape, Buffy/Other (Temp), Rape (Implied), Sexual Situations, Torture (Physical), Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 73 Table of Contents
Word count: 231,178 Hit Count: 201,110 ePub Downloads: 1,544
Published: May 05, 2012 Updated: September 28, 2012
13Lilies commented on Chapter 19: Chapter 19 on May 11, 2016 Liked

I know you finished this story ages ago, but I'm really enjoying it and I wanted to thank you for writing it.  This chapter makes me ache for Buffy.  I feel that this is a very realistic look at Spike's character.  

Author's Response on May 16, 2016 05:39pm

I'm glad you're enjoying!  It was important to me to try to keep Spike from turning into a fluffy puppy with sharp teeth and an unfortunate blood habit just because he falls for Buffy, so that makes me happy to hear.  Thank you!  :)

Summary: If Spike had known that he would lose the Gem of Amara so quickly, he may have made better use of it.
Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: No Chapters: 40 Table of Contents
Word count: 83,711 Hit Count: 47,319 ePub Downloads: 106
Published: June 13, 2014 Updated: October 17, 2015
13Lilies commented on Chapter 40: Chapter 40 on October 22, 2015 Liked

I really like where this story is going and can't wait for another update. The characterizations of Buffy and Spike are dead acurate. Bravo.

Summary: Buffy and Spike died miserable and alone. Dawn is going to fix that. So what if she has to break the laws of physics and the temporal prime directive to do it?
Categories: Season 4, Season 5, Challenge Response, Time Travel, Award Winners, Award Runners-Up
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike
Genres: Drama, POV, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Buffy/Other (Temp), Sexual Situations
Completed: Yes Chapters: 76 Table of Contents
Word count: 395,347 Hit Count: 231,926 ePub Downloads: 1,838
Published: November 10, 2014 Updated: May 30, 2016
13Lilies commented on Chapter 53: Part III: String Theory - Chapter 7 on February 21, 2016

I just found this story and started reading this week.  I almost didn't when I saw that it was unfinished, but the fact that you had updated recently and the overall premise was just to intriguing.  This prompted me to give it a chance. I am glad I did; it is really awesome so far. Please don't break my heart and leave it abandoned.  I hate investing my hopes and imagination in an author's world just to have said world abruptly stop.

That said, I do want to give you an honest review of what I have read so far.  

The thing about time travel fics that we all love, is the characters get to go back and fix everything.  We love it, because ultimately we empathize with the characters and want everything to work out for them this time around (just as we want everything to work out for us in real life). However, that is what we also hate about time travel fics; everything is corrected and works out perfectly.  Without problems, people cannot learn and grow from the experience.  Without conflict, let's be honest- the story is BORING.

This is where I feel that your particular time travel story is genius.  Dawn DOESN'T perfectly solve everything.  Yes, things do seem better, but things were still messy enough that characters could grow (the Riley arc for example).  Dawn managed to get rid of Glory and if this was a typical time travel Spuffy, this is where the story would end.  We would all sigh and close our eyes and imagine Spike and Buffy's perfect life together. However, the story doesn't end with Glory's demise, in fact you've given us a completely NEW problem to wrap our heads around and think about.  I love the time pockets.  I even love the idea that Buffy is drawing the wrong conclusions about Spike and Dawn's relationship.  She doesn't realize that she is subconsciously jealous.  Even if she does, she doesn't want to step on her sister's happiness.  I'll admit my gut reaction to this smaller conflict was "NO!  Spike and BUFFY belong together, that is the way it is meant to be!" (and I do hope the eventuality of your story).  But I have to admit this new plot twist is making the story much more interesting and keeping it to canon as well.  Spike and Buffy have to earn their relationship, it can't come easy.  

I eagerly await your next update.

Author's Response on February 21, 2016 09:19am

I'm glad you are enjoying. Rest assured I won't leave you hanging.  This story is 100% written and I won't stop posting at least once a week. Also *minor spoiler* I only believe in happy endings.

Summary: “It’s all right, pet,” Spike whispered. “You go right ahead and hate me, it’s all right.” He pulled her closer and nuzzled her temple, his breath heady in her ear. His touch felt so good she pressed against him, warming herself on his cold chest as if he were a fire. “You have any idea how much I’ve hated you?” Set after Dead Things
Series: "Down in the Dark"
Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 2,170 Hit Count: 1,827 ePub Downloads: 86
Published: May 19, 2015 Updated: May 20, 2015
13Lilies commented on Chapter 1: Chapter 1 on August 15, 2016 Liked

William was always a better man than Liam and Spike was always kinder than Angelus. At the end where he refused to let her hste herself and encouraged her to hate him instead... so beautiful and Heartbreaking at the same time. Magnificent writing. Thanks for the glimpse. 

Author's Response on August 15, 2016 08:22pm

Woo! Thanks for checking out my fic! I love this one, this image, of him begging her not to hate herself, I think is really telling. I'm so glad you liked!

Summary: “Yeah, Spike always was a romantic,” Angel said with scorn. He glanced at Buffy. “It’s not love,” he pointed out. Buffy and Angel spy on Spike and Drusilla out and about. Set in season 2, after "Lie To Me".
Series: "Early Warning Signs"
Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Word count: 820 Hit Count: 2,155 ePub Downloads: 61
Published: May 19, 2015 Updated: May 20, 2015
13Lilies commented on Chapter 1: It's Not Love on July 22, 2016 Liked

Loved it. I envy Drusilla. Buffy is right. Angel, as usual is a poop head. Thanks for a nice snippet. 

Author's Response on July 22, 2016 03:55am

Yeah, it is a cute little scene. Spike can be so sweet when he wants to be.

Summary: S2 AU.  Following the vampire attack on Sunnydale High in 'School Hard,' Buffy and Drusilla find themselves switching bodies every night between sunset and sunrise. Who do you become when you walk far more than a mile in your enemy's shoes?
Categories: Season 2, Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Spike
Genres: POV, Romance
Warnings: Blood Play, Buffy/Other (Temp), Rape (Implied), Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp)
Challenges: Cursed
Completed: Yes Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Word count: 177,421 Hit Count: 142,461 ePub Downloads: 1,269
Published: December 01, 2015 Updated: August 03, 2016
13Lilies commented on Chapter 10: October on February 25, 2016

I wondered if he'd taste better than zebra.  PRICELESS!!!!! I'm loving this story so far. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response on February 24, 2016 09:38pm

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I think he'd probably taste kind of bitter...

13Lilies commented on Chapter 16: Homefront on February 26, 2016

 I bet his shirt is in the sink with that last pot and soapy water.  Oh no! They left the notebook on the coffee table. Now Buffy body smells like Spike. I hope Drusilla showers that body before they run into Angel, and speaking of showering- what's up with Dru in the factory shower with her clothes on? What a cliffhanger!

Author's Response on February 27, 2016 08:12am

Buffy and Spike have left Dru in a heck of a mess- she's going to be scrambling! 

What is up with the showering? Hmmmmm... :-)

Thank you for the read and review. 

13Lilies commented on Chapter 1: I'm Not Dru on March 02, 2016

I find myself anticipating story updates for Cursed more than any other stories.  Seriously, I check everyday.  I think I'm becoming obsessed or perhaps I'm "cursed".  Keep up the great work.

Author's Response on March 02, 2016 07:34pm

I wish I didn't have to work- it'd make getting chapters out a lot easier! I'm very glad you're enjoying it :-)

13Lilies commented on Chapter 18: Ritual on March 15, 2016 Liked

Great update. Buffy needs to keep her mouth shut and let Kendra think Spike and Dru are dead. I can't believe you Rick rolled us! Were you laughing maniacally as you typed that part? 

Author's Response on March 15, 2016 12:08pm

You get a prize as the only person that's mentioned the Rick roll so far! I typed what Spike said and was like- oh, honey, you can't say it that way- but it was too late- Buffy had all ready latched on and wouldn't let me change it, lol, so I just went with it. 

As for that 'nope'- it was Buffy sort of giving Kendra the middle finger, letting her know she didn't win. It may have been better for everyone to think Spike and Dru dead, but Buffy just couldn't let Kendra have that satisfaction. 

13Lilies commented on Chapter 19: Nightmares on April 05, 2016 Liked

I have mixed feelings about this chapter.  Good things first.  I really liked the fact that Buffy/Drew and Drew/Buffy finally got to meet face to face.  I was doing my happy Snoopy dance inside.  I liked the fact that she is having nightmares about losing Spike.  I know, I know, why would I like that?  To me it means she has finally internalized her love and made it real.  I liked the fact that Buffy finally came clean and confessed to Willow.  I think she needs a confidant on this side of the lines.  

However, I also hate that she confessed to Willow.  High school Willow notoriously couldn't keep secrets- wasn't there an episode where she almost spilled the beans about something 2 or 3 times and acted all guilty funny?  Didn't Buffy cover for her saying she shouldn't drink coffee it makes her jittery? Maybe I'm making to much of it- college Willow definitely was able to keep secrets, so maybe that resolve is in her at this time as well.

Jenny and Dalton...  I have realized from the very beginning when you first starting fostering Drusilla's friendship with Mrs. Calendar that you were doing it so that Dru would feel terrible remorse once she sets Angelus loose.  Upon further reflection about this, I'm wondering if you are setting us (the reader) up for a terrible fall by letting us get to know Dalton and become fond of him.  As I read the touching scene between him and Buffy, a few thoughts ran through my head.  First- ohh I bet Willow could track down and find a picture of Arthur.  Second- I'm glad that Dalton didn't kill his family and friends, I really like him.  Third-CRAP!  I really like Dalton; didn't the Judge vaporize him?  Didn't Sunalso say in a comment that we would still see the Judge?  Will Dalton die?  I bet that devious Sunalso made us care about him just so she can kill him. 

However, despite my reservations, I am still totally hooked by this story and will continue to read it as it is updated.

Author's Response on April 07, 2016 08:51pm

I promise I'm not Joss, lol! I have scenes for Dalton planned up through the epilogue :-) Willow has a lot of motivation to keep her secret- along with the fact she hasn't blabbed anything about the Virgin Scale activities- so she might not be able to help teasing Buffy some in not entirely appropriate ways ;-) 


Thank you for your very kind words- I hope to update soon!

13Lilies Replied on April 11, 2016 11:24am

PS- I finally understand why Dalton had the Ecomics of Finland textbook. It is the little details like that scattered throughout the story that makes your writing so wonderful.

13Lilies commented on Chapter 21: Happy Birthday, Buffy on April 21, 2016 Liked

What a great chapter!  I have no complaints, so let me start lavishing on the praise.  I loved the fact that Buffy is putting her vampire experience to use.  Newspaper nests- LOL, I enjoyed the comment that the author had been watching to much X-Files.  What a wonderful 90s reference- it's those small details that make your Spuffy writing stand out.  I also really liked the fact that Buffy is no longer really impressed with Angel's soul and that she realizes it is harder to be good without that moral compass.  

As for Drusilla losing Buffy's body's virginity- I thought you handled it very well.  I wasn't looking forward to it, but we all knew it had to happen for the story to progress. I was happy that Dru did try to stop and back out.  I'm guessing she was carried away and at the last minute remembered that it wasn't her virginity to give away. Spike was so wonderful with Buffy- he said and did all the right things.  So did you. Bravo!  Fantastic job.  

I'm looking forward to more Angelus and at the same time, I'm not.  It's like when you watch the scary movie with your hands over your eyes while peeking out between your fingers. 

PS- As Angelus was telling his story, I kept expecting him to say "and then I played the song More Than Words and she didn't stand a chance."    (I hated that 90s song and I had more than one douche bag boyfriend use it to try to manipulate me into giving up my virginity).  

Author's Response on April 24, 2016 08:53pm

Thank you! blush

I was a teen in the 90s so I get a real kick out of writing in the time period- it gives me back those days :-)

I'm always so ambiguous about the soul, but I feel that in this case the important thing is that Buffy understands how things are for Spike from the inside out.  

More about what Dru was thinking and feeling that night will become apparent as the story progresses. Poor Dru!

Spike understands what it's like to be Angelus' victim, he's got a lot of sympathy for Buffy in this situation. 

Angelus is both scary and a blast to write- Spike and Dru!Buffy are going to have to really dance around him. 

OMG- More than Words! Hahaha! Why didn't Angel think of that...

13Lilies commented on Chapter 29: Who You Gonna Call? on July 14, 2016 Liked

"How long?"  Yes, indeed we have ALL wondered about the answer to this question!  When I got to this part and read Buffy's thoughts I rolled around and laughed so hard that I fell into the floor.  I now have a sore bum and it's all your fault.  For safety's sake, I finished the rest of the chapter down there.  It was a good thing too as Buffy's references to trying to shield her mom and refraining from living room sex had me chortling in memory of T3. I guess that makes me an official Sunalso nerdfan, when I recognize allusions to your other fics.

I enjoyed the talk that Buffy had with Drusilla about Xander.  Before this, I wasn't sure how I felt about the Dru/Xander pairing.  I didn't love it or hate it, I just felt like maybe you were giving Dru Xander as a consolation prize and I didn't begrudge her; after all this fic has really made me sympathize with and like Dru. But when Buffy talks about how Xander likes to fix things, it really resonated with me.  We all know that he found his niche in construction, but when you look at his other relationships with Cordy and Anya, you really can see that Xander has a thing for broken women.  I can now see the logic behind this pairing and I give it my stamp of approval. I KNOW you were holding your breath waiting for it. ;)

I also liked the hair brushing scene; like Buffy, it reminded me of the first carefree chapters in the factory.

Oh I can't forget the big reveal- we finally found out why they were switching.  I will be honest, I thought it would be something much more malignant since the name of this fic is Cursed. But perhaps the sinister twist is in the upcoming chapters- you left us with a heck of a cliff hanger.

Bum bruises aside, I really enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for your wonderfully entertaining prose.


Author's Response on July 14, 2016 07:52pm

Ha! Can't you just imagine her holding her hand up, stacking her palms one on top of the other and trying to guess? I did get a little self referential there. That's probably a massive no-no, but I was helpless to resist.

My original outline didn't include Dru/Xander, it wasn't who I intended her to end up with at first. But they really wanted it and I had to go up against my beta's inquisition to convince her they'd work as a pairing. Hopefully Chapter 30 will help things make even more sense. And I'm glad to hear it's working for people. I feel a little...odd, going with such a non-canon pairing.

I was bemoaning the R rating with the hair brushing stuff- but don't worry, it just got moved to another story.

I've used Cursed a couple times to more referee to how Buffy feels about the sheer number of times she's lost her ability to chose. I'll have to double down on that in the last chapter so it's clear that that's the real Curse- not the switching (which is of course is an intentional bit of misdirection on my part).

Now we have to get through Go Fish (yuck) and Angelus needs to get his pet rock.

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 31: Telephone on August 05, 2016 Liked

I love this chapter. I love Dalton and there is a lot of him in this chapter.  The beginning with Dalton helping Buffy review for finals was great, it reminded me of those early days in the factory.  I missed their tutoring sessions.  Later at the end when Dalton protected Joyce and Spike acknowledged him I almost got teary eyed. Yeah Dalton!  I can't believe this story is almost over. I am gonna miss Cursed (and Dalton).

Author's Response on August 05, 2016 06:15pm

I loved taking Dalton from being the shy vamp who could barely hand Buffy a book to being the guy who saved Joyce. Now I get really angry when I'm watching the show and the Judge dusts him, lol.

I can't believe Cursed is done. It feels so weird :( Thank you for your support through the long and crazy ride!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 32: Love, Dru on August 07, 2016 Liked

The ending was great.  I love that Drusilla was redeemed.  The fact that you empowered her by letting her be the one to do away with Angel was fantastic. The fact that she got the Shanshu and had a family with Xander was pure genius.

I LOVE this story so much.  Thank you for writing it. When I saw the premise, that Buffy and Dru were switching each night, I HAD to investigate it, even though I had promised myself I was no longer reading uncompleted fanfiction. I was enthralled with your depiction of life at the factory.  I loved how Spike took care of "Drusilla" and the interactions with Dalton.  I enjoyed the misdirections that made me suspicious of Drusilla's  intentions and was eventually was so sympathetic with her character that my relief was immense when you finally cleared her of responsibility for the switching.

Thank you for once again restoring my faith in works in progress.  I know I have said this before, but I had been burned previously with so many abandoned fics, that I had almost given up on Spuffy fanfiction entirely. Not only are Sunalso fics always completed, they always have extremely interesting concepts and compelling story lines. You are an awesome author- never doubt it.

Author's Response on August 08, 2016 11:56am

I'm glad the ending worked for you! I was so nervous about it. I didn't think this story was going to be as nearly as long as it was. I still don't know how that happened! I like to see Drusilla still being Buffy's "other half"- so while at the end her and Spike are off globe trotting and probably Slaying things left right and center, Drusilla is back in Sunnydale (no First in this AU) being "normal": raising her family, growing older, and squabbling with Xander over who went to the grocery store last. Neither one ever feels like their missing out on anything. I imagine Buffy is a little more bloodthirsty than in canon from her time as a vamp, and Dru is a lot softer with her soul.

Anyway, I could go on and on and I'm supposed to be writing today, oops!

I'm going to miss Dalton and Lorenzo!

On WIPs: I've gotten to where when someone posts a new story I go and look at their profile and if it's littered with unfinished stories than I don't start reading. For me I have to know my ending before I write the first sentence of the opening paragraph, and while it might shift a little, I'm always working towards that ending that I fell in love with.

Thank you very much for your extremely kind words! This is just my hobby and I'm glad that I can make other people happy with my scribbling (besides myself). blushbiggrin


Summary: Faith’s body switch doesn’t exactly go according to plan and Spike and Buffy find themselves swapped instead. Does being bad really count when you’re stuck in your mortal enemy’s body? Set at the end of This Year’s Girl and goes AU immediately. 
Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Tara, Willow
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, Porn w/ Plot
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Word count: 12,947 Hit Count: 5,279 ePub Downloads: 205
Published: December 31, 2015 Updated: January 02, 2016
13Lilies commented on Chapter 2: Part 2: Lesson the Second on April 26, 2016 Liked

I'm not sure how you did it, but this fanfic manages to walk the tightrope between sweet and HOT.  Usually those are two separate entities; if I want sweet I usually look for G or PG, sexy rates R through Adult.  

The sweet is effortless in this fic. I love how they get to "see" each other through literally different eyes.  Spike seeing Buffy as him holding Mr. Gordo for comfort.  Buffy seeing Spike as her enjoying food and suggesting chocolate.  Of course the love scenes have that sweet edge to them as well.  For instance when Spike initiates Buffy to the wonders of the body of the opposite sex and SEX in general (she and Captain Cardboard have obviously been doing it wrong).  But at the same time, it's that exploratory factor that makes so many of your scenes sizzle. 

Sunalso had recommended your fiction and I'm very glad I followed the advice. Excellent work.  I look forward to reading more of your Spuffy.

Author's Response on April 26, 2016 01:39pm

Aw, thank so much! I had so much fun writing this. Narcissistic Spike is one of my favorite Spikes and the idea of him basically hitting on himself for an entire story was one I couldn't resist. Of course, eventually he kind of switched to hitting on Buffy in himself, but still. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed the little moments they ended up having (much to their surprise). 

Thanks so much for the lovely compliments! I'm glad you enjoyed this wackiness. 

Summary: Buffy has fallen into darkness and been forced to become a ghost in her own past.  Only she didn't come back alone. What will it take to overcome depression, obsession, and death so that she can learn to live, love, and laugh again. 
Categories: Season 2, Post-Series, Alternate Reality, Time Travel, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble
Genres: Drama, Porn w/ Plot
Warnings: Adult Language, Attempted Suicide, Blood Play, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Spike/Other (Temp)
Completed: Yes Chapters: 34 Table of Contents
Word count: 135,683 Hit Count: 152,104 ePub Downloads: 1,331
Published: January 23, 2016 Updated: May 19, 2016
13Lilies commented on Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Blood on March 04, 2016 Liked

 Crap! I've read all of your other finished spuffy fic and have been following Cursed with an obsession. I finally broke down and read this Tomorrow fic. I read it to reassure myself that you were wasting yourself on drivel when you should be updating Cursed. Now you've gone and done it; I can't decide which one I like better. How can you have two spectacular stories going on in your head at once?

Author's Response on March 05, 2016 12:24am

I wrote most of Tomorrow months ago, and I even borrowed some from it for Cursed, I never intended to publish it, but it just wouldn't leave me alone! I couldn't get Cursed written to I started publishing Tomorrow to get it out of my system. Thank you very much for reading!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Crypt on March 09, 2016 Liked

This story is so awesome.  Thanks for another quick update.  You're great!

PS- the reference of the Paris cafe with Hemingway, it made me wonder... have you ever seen the movie Midnight in Paris?

Author's Response on March 08, 2016 10:07pm

I'm glad you're still enjoying it! I love the movie midnight in Paris!! It's like someone looked inside my head :-) :-)

13Lilies commented on Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Bedroom on March 09, 2016 Liked

I', glad that Spike now knows the truth.  However I really am worried about Angel and what he will do.  Thanks again for another fantastic update. It felt like Christmas with so many updates in a row.

Author's Response on March 10, 2016 05:57pm

Somebody knowing is a really good thing for Buffy. Angel will continue to be a pain in the butt, because- well- Angel. I really want to get a lot of this story published this month so while work interrupts me frequently I'm hoping to get a great deal of it edited and published :-)

13Lilies commented on Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Wounds on March 20, 2016 Liked

What a chapter!

That's two Lewis Carroll references so far in this story (the poem in the last chapter and the tea party in this one).  At first I thought the references were simply to depict the mental instability of the characters; Spike when he felt remorse and Drusilla's "normal" dementia.  However now I've reread it and had a few hours to think about it, was the tea party scene really there to highlight the similarities between Angel and Alice? I think, for Angel, this timeline is his "rabbit hole" to another world where suddenly nothing makes sense and he is slowly going mad.    Maybe I'm reading way to much into it.

The other part... making love to Spike's demon.  HOT.  That's all I'd better say about that.

Wonderful work as always.  Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response on March 21, 2016 04:51pm

he is slowly going mad- you've figured me out :-) The tea party is much more about Angel and what's happening to him than it's about Dru ;-) 

13Lilies commented on Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Truth and Consequences on March 23, 2016

Let me first say, good  chapter.  Now let me tell you how much I hated it, LOL.  I'll be honest; when I first read this I was too mad to leave a review. Not at you, but at Giles. (Well maybe a little at you since you wrote the berk).  But the more time I had to think about it, the more comfortable I became with this chapter.  Early in the series, Giles could be extremely obtuse when dealing with Buffy's feelings.  I think this chapter is just another example of how you can  brilliantly channel the truth.  (Another example is the animosity between Buffy and Kendra in Cursed.  Many people forget that those two seemed to despise each other to begin with).  We readers often don't like it when you do that.  We like to remember our favorite characters in the best light, but you (uncomfortably) highlight their foibles and flaws in order to make a better story. Bravo.  Keep it up.  I can't wait for the next update. Hopefully by then Giles will get his head out of his derriere.

Author's Response on March 23, 2016 11:42am

Thank you for your kind words! This was a very though chapter to write- Giles is running away from Buffy's emotions and honestly Buffy isn't helping much because she's directing hostility at him that he probably doesn't deserve. Anyway, Giles got a heck of a wake up call and now has some stuff to think through as well as some first hand evidence that Spike isn't a bad thing for his Slayer. Next chapter soon!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Home Alone on March 25, 2016 Liked

Sorry I didn't immediately review. Lately I've found that I like to let the chapter roll around in my head so I can savor it and think about it before I open my pie hole and let my opinions run rampant.  Overall I really liked this chapter.  I've read so many Spuffy stories where Joyce is off on a buying trip and Spike comes over for a visit, then Joyce calls and extends her trip etc. and everything is perfect.  When I read these inane stories, all I can do is think back to my high school days and that my luck would have NEVER worked out like that.  So it was nice to read a story that had Joyce catching Spike in the house. Not nice for Spike maybe, but nice for reality.  I LOVED Joyce going after him with a cleaver- totally rechanneling that parent night ax rage.  I can see how adult Buffy would find the entire experience hilarious.  I hope that Joyce can eventually forgive Spike, since their friendship was one of the things that I really liked about the series.  Thanks for the update; I actually squealed when I saw that you had updated again so quickly.  Now to read the next awesome chapter.

Author's Response on March 25, 2016 10:29pm

I was certainly not that lucky with my mom, lol. Being older I think Buffy can see that it wasn't the end of the world (like how she really thought her mom meant for her not to come back at the end of S2), so she knows it's something that can be worked through. Joyce just needs some information and some time to come around- right now all she knows is creepy dead guy in my underage daughter's bed. 

Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful review!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Scent on April 13, 2016 Liked

I really liked this chapter.  I was so relieved that Spike didn't take on Eygphon.  Honestly, I wasn't sure Spike's demon would win. How strong is it? I've never been sure about how much of the vampire results from the demon or the human personality and I, like Buffy, did not want to risk William.  You want to risk Angelus?  Sure go ahead; I heartily agree.

I loved the intimacy of the two scenes of Spike reassuring himself by surrounding himself with her body and scent.  Beautiful.

Will we ever get to hear what Angel said to Spike to upset him so?

Author's Response on April 13, 2016 07:59pm

Buffy absolutely refused to risk Spike- even though that meant dealing with Angel and his stupid eyes. 

Buffy being able to both give and take what Spike needs as well as herself is a big deal- she's really learning a lot. Now if only she could love herself...

Angel's conversation with Spike will have repercussions over the next several chapters- the idiot really threw Spike for a loop.

13Lilies commented on Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Questions on April 26, 2016 Liked

Thank you.  I really missed Jenny Calender.  Even if you do end up killing her off, so many Spuffy fanfictions just forget about her and automatically pair Joyce and Rupert together.  Jenny was so nice and open minded, Joss killed her off right as I felt the audience was making a connection with her. I also appreciate that Giles will explain the time travel "off screen" and we don't have to slow down the story with repeat explanations.

I think Buffy is on to something about wanting to see her soul too- I agree that maybe their souls are linked or something similar and that is what is making it painful for them to be apart.

I had stopped reading works in progress- I've had really bad luck with the ones I chose to follow, and most of them ended unfinished with no updates. However the description of your other work Cursed was so intriguing that I couldn't help but check it out and when it proved to be superb, I eventually found my way to this fic, T3 and I find it interesting as well. I want to thank you.  You've put the fun back in Spuffy for me- it is almost as if the show is back. I get these lovely "episodes" that I get to think about and anticipate, just like the old show.

As always, another lovely chapter.  I look forward to future updates.  

Author's Response on May 02, 2016 12:14am

I know Angelus needed to kill off someone, and originally I think it was going to be Joyce, but I still wish Jenny could have been around for longer. Giles never really had a relationship with someone at that level ever again. 

More on the souls ASAP!

I'm glad you're still enjoying my craziness. T3 has 5 more chapters (or so) and then I can focus on Cursed! Yay! Light at the end of the tunnel :-)

13Lilies commented on Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Obsession on May 02, 2016 Liked

Brings a whole new meaning to the term SOULMATE doesn't it?  (Yes I'm smug with my wittiness right now).  I'm really interested in the Scooby gang's solution.  

Where's Kendra?  Did she leave and I didn't realize?

Buffy's dad is hardly an adversary.  I have no respect for the man what so ever. What happened to the Order of Taraka? Angel and Drusilla?  Will we see more of them in the next chapter?

It was nice to see the Jenny the self proclaimed techno pagan at work.

Also, I will never look at Shakespeare's sonnets the same way again.  (grin)

Looking forward to another "episode."

Author's Response on May 03, 2016 11:01am

Kendra was at Giles- she wasn't invited to the ritual (I knew that should have clued my reader in, lol). 

She, along with some of the other plot threads, will be there next chapter. This one was all Buffy and Spike :-) 

Hee, hee- I'm terrible. Poor Shakespeare- I'm such a nerd and I can't leave him well enough alone. 

Thank you for the read and review!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 31: Chapter 31: Doors on May 12, 2016 Liked

You can't leave us like that!  More story now- I must insist.  

I will say it was an excellent chapter.  Lovely smut.  Wonderful heart to heart time travel conversation mixed with the smut. Kendra was a nice greater reality check; since we have been stuck in the lovebirds' world for several chapters it was nice to see the bigger picture.

But that cliff hanger... it was heartbreaking. Someone needs to hug Spike, like NOW.

Author's Response on May 12, 2016 01:13pm

Next part soon! (it's pretty much all fluff)

I've got things wound up pretty tight with Spike and Buffy- getting to be time to unwind it a little ;-)

Don't worry- Spike figures things out pretty quickly!

13Lilies commented on Chapter 32: Chapter 32: Forever on May 14, 2016 Liked

I loved the Willow sex talk!  Ha ha ha.  I thought it was so sweet that she couldn't bring herself to use the actual words.  I think my best friend and I used thing and who-ha as our teenaged descriptors.

When I saw that they were getting married, I actually squeed out loud. I thought the wedding was a bit short, but a least they didn't have to dance to Wind Beneath My Wings.  I got this nasty feeling in my tummy when I read the Bette Midler reference.  Ever since I read your other story It's a Nice Day, I've agreed that if Buffy and Spike dance to a song at their wedding, it MUST be Iris!  But this story is set in 1997 and the Goo Goo Dolls didn't write Iris until 1998, so it's not possible.

Since the wedding description was so short, I'm hoping you'll make up for it with the "honeymoon" description.  ;)

Author's Response on May 16, 2016 11:24pm

Poor little Willow- she's feeling kind of left behind by her best friend getting it on sort of constantly, lol. 

The Wedding itself was short because the really important part was when Spike woke her up to ask her about the claim. To me that was much more important than the handfasting ceremony itself and is the moment they were truly married. The rest was window dressing for friends and family :-) 

The wedding night does go on much longer- some of it is pretty talky- but not all of it ;-)