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Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Other, Spike

Using the name Doyle, Lindsey McDonald plans on using Angels Grandchilde against him and introduces himself to Spike as a seer and representative of a higher power.

The challenge would be, what would happen if the first time Doyle/Lindsey goes to fakes a vision he is tapped for the real thing?

Spike is a Champion for the Powers attempting to find out who he is in his new life and role, and Lindsey/Doyle is an unwilling seer who suffers crippling headaches as his incentive.

Obviously would end Spike/Buffy given where this challenge is being posted.

This is pretty vague I know, but I have a good Idea where I would want this to go. I am more interested in where someone else sees this going